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  1. File format is h3d and I am using HyperWorks 13.0. Thank you!
  2. Dear All, I am using Altair HyperWorks software to check and control the results of some new method, for structure borne noise characterisation, which I am investigating. I am normally operating with mobilities (velocities) in particular nodes, while doing frequency response analysis (modal), but now I would need to simulate / measure forces in the nodes where spring attaches to my structures. (picture enclosed). I have tried many different ways of gaining correct force information, but I was always unsuccessful. I used GPFORCE output at freq. response analysis and than tried to plot total force, force in element, MPCForce, Applied force and everything else I found, but non of those options gave me the right result. Could you give me some advice, how to “simulate” / “measure” the force on both sides of spring? Because if spring is not massless force on one side will be different as force on the other side and I want to see the difference for various cases of my experiment. Thank you very much for your help! Best regards, Luka Trampus
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