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  1. Dear Sir, How do I remove stress concentration around fix support? What would be the best way of doing it? By using springs elements? Thank you
  2. Hi Prakash, Thank you for your answer. So in "Composite Size" I have to select PCOMP as type and not STACK? I have a PCOMPP card right now. I can not set this property in the PCOMP type. Can I run it using ply based composite?
  3. Yes I did. The .out file says that no design variables are found.
  4. Hi Prakash, Yes thank you I have find that. Any idea for the optimization??
  5. Hi Prakash, I have attached the images of my panel and of the design variable I created in "Composite Size". Does it look correct?
  6. Hi Prakash, How do I provide failure criteria in the property card? For first question..yes I do that. But I don't understand why is not working. Is correct the procedure? I create a laminate with different ply. How is the best way to optimize the thickness of each global ply (and not of each element)? Thank you a lot for your answer
  7. Dear all, I am trying to run a composite size optimization. I want to find the optimal thickness of each ply I have created in my laminate. My model consists in shell elements. I only have created one laminate that have multiple plies. I want to optimize each ply thickness. I tried with the "ply thickness" and PTMIN and PTMAN but did not work (minimize mass subjected to displacement). No iterations are run and it just gives me the results of a normal FEM analysis. Any idea why? Or how should I do it? Second question..I inserted the control card "global output request" CSTRESS CSTRAIN CFAILURE. The first two work fine, but I can not see the results of Composite Failure after the FEM analysis. It just gives me all value of 1. Any suggestion on how I can see the failure results of the composite? Thank you very much!!!!
  8. Hi, I have a design that is made of several 1D bar elements (about 15) of circular cross section. I now want to perform a size optimization on the cross section radius of these beams. I have multiple load cases (3)! I would like to minimize the mass and subject the stress. How should I do that? Thank you
  9. What is the advantage of creating a shell layer over the solid? The shell layer will have the same mesh as the solid, so why not equivalence the bar element directly to the solid?
  10. Thank you for your answer. If I want to use the option of creating a layer of shell elements, I simply create a surface at the border of the 3D solid? And after that how to equivalence the shell with the bar element? With the replace panel or in an other way?
  11. So far I am using the panel replace (F3) and moving the ending node of the bar to an existing node of the 3D solid. But how can I create the 3D mesh based on the 1D bar element? So that I will not have to replace the 1D node Thank you
  12. Hi, What would be the best way to attach a 1D bar to a 3D solid? I am trying to connect the final node of the bar to a node of the solid. What would be the best approach? Thank you
  13. So if I am applying the load in Newton and I leave the material data as default I have to insert the moment in N*mm correct?
  14. Hi Prakash, What are the default units of the moment? N*m or N*mm?
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