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  1. Hello Timo, Just seen that you need this for coordinates, the below applies only to tensors. If you can do it by measure panel, then you can set the precision to scientific and 6. But it will not affect the query window. You have to set the number of decimal places for tensors to be considered in the legend (see picture). This affects both the Quick Query and the Query window. Best Regards, Mario
  2. Hi stalewad, if you stay with keep connectivity, it will be normally fine. Otherwise often the original mesh is not 100% connected. For me it works also very good for a lot of elements, but 2 millions is quit a lot for this task. Best Regards, Mario
  3. Hi stalewad, you can still use the automesher and select elements for meshing. Set your new mesh size, check the feature and vertex angle, set connectivity and mesh. Maybe you can't do it interactive, in this case switch to automatic. See following picture: Following simple example is done in 10 sec. Best Regards, Mario
  4. Hi granzer, This actually only means that the alignment of the connections between the elements is as smooth as possible in relation to the edge geometry. Left side has a lot better mesh flow, as the right side mesh. This is very important in crash (my field) and non-linear analysis. In general the mesh quality is improved by mesh flow (except number of trias). Best Regards, Mario
  5. Hello flyforever, Try the following: Open in the menu Preferences->Options Go to Lighting Here you can change direction, specular color, flat/smooth or use multiple lights I hope I could help you. Best Regards, Mario
  6. Hello, I have another problem in V2020. In both Step 3 and Step 4 the function "Align to Curve" crashes the program. In step 3, when I take the node on the plane of symmetry. In step 4 already the first projection. Very frustrating. Best Regards, Mario PS: In V2020.1 the issue is solved.
  7. Hello carcagiu, You can do it by Page Window Layout, see picture. Best Regards, Mario
  8. Hello, For me it works well with the Curves-> Intersect command. If the curves are not in one plane, I have to define the direction of projection using Visual Intersection. Best Regards, Mario
  9. Hello, The body is not a closed solid. You can check this using Analysis-> Tolerance Check (see picture). If you correct that, it works. Best Regards, Mario
  10. Hello, It's not working for me either. Try this: Select the two surfaces for the bridge Enter the edge mode, instead of face mode Right click, bridge... For me it will work now. But anyway, it seems to be a bug. Best Regards, Mario
  11. Hello, If your elastic modulus is 2e5, the error message is correct. Since for the first plastic slope 100/0.0005 = 2e5, exact same slope and this is not allowed. The strain in the table starts at plastification, means 0,0 is end of elastic range. Best Regards, Mario
  12. Hello, Most commands supporting the catch error handling. if { [ catch {command_name...} ] } { # Handle error } e.g. error handling if already a panel is open, it is not allowed in HW to stack panels: if { [catch {*createmarkpanel lines 1 "Select first line ..."}] } { set Info01Label "Warning: Can't Stack Panels" update return } Best Regards, Mario
  13. Hi, It is of course the ID of the load, not the ID of the load collector... I don't know a direct way to show this. Best Regards, Mario
  14. Hello, I only know the possibility to do it in the mass panel by the review function (except of course what Koushik said). 1D->masses switch to update press review and select CONM2 element See attached picture Best Regards, Mario
  15. Hello, You can do it via the nodes panel: press F8, or Geom->nodes, or Menu Mesh->Create->Nodes Don't forget to zoom to the model dimensions (press F or Ctrl+middle mouse button) See attached picture. Best Regards, Mario
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