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  1. Have a look at "HyperWorks Desktop Application Unit Draw" in online help.
  2. If element thickness was assigned via component, not directly by element, this command returns nothing. In this case you have to call "hm_getthickness component"
  3. Try to put your commands in a proc & call this proc via -command ? Remember : the valid command is "*create....." not "create...."
  4. Drag elements + equivalent of nodes = OK
  5. No thickness information within element dataname. You have to look for the property of element.
  6. Begin with Tcl/Tk tutorials (Google is your friend)
  7. In your case, don't drag nodes, but drag elements.
  8. Is this a very big H3D file? Could you share your H3D? (I use sam2h3d too for SAMCEF)
  9. On release 2019.1 I see only "*linescreatemidline"
  10. @MaL2K16: Split & Split your solid before meshing !!!
  11. Can not understand what you wan to do! You want to EXPORT from HM to ANSYS format? Or IMPORT the Ansys nodes into HM?
  12. Translate => nodes => select the existing node => duplicate => Got temp node at the same location as existing node.
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