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  1. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Export solver deck to WORKBENCH

    @Premanand Suryavanshi: Can you make out the difference between Ansys format supported by Hypermesh & Ansys Workbench? The format supported by Hypermesh is Ansys Mechanical. Yes, we can import this such format into Ansys Workbench, but that're two different formats.
  2. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Hypermesh - Define oblique forces

    You can define a local system. Then the force can be defined in this local system.
  3. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Multi solids meshing issue

    I see you got already your mesh. So what's your issue? Share your model?
  4. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    3D Tetra Elements not showing in LS-PrePost/DYNA

    Keep "quads" at external faces and make "tet" in internal volume? That does not make sense from point of view of FEA !!!
  5. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    3D Tetra Elements not showing in LS-PrePost/DYNA

    You don't want trias at surface and you can not make pyramid for your LS-DYNA. So what do you do now then?
  6. Just write a Procedure with N1, N2, N3 & base point as arguments. Within this procedure, you compute the normal vector and call *createplane :-)
  7. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    3D Tetra Elements not showing in LS-PrePost/DYNA

    Pyramid elements are supported in LS-DYNA, but Hypermesh can not export them to DYNA key output. I have to play with template to add this element type.
  8. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Powerpoint interaction

    Maybe try in your TCL script: after taking the images, create a VBScript to insert them into PPT? You can execute a VBScript from TCL.
  9. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    License Usage

    You have also "almutil" having several options to monitor license usage. AltairLM End-user Utility v14.0.0 build 179736 (Jan 16 2018) Copyright (C) 2018 Altair Engineering, Inc. All rights reserved. Usage: ./almutil [option] -hostid Display hostids for this system. -borrow -borrow <hours> Start the borrowing system, borrowed licenses will be available for <hours> number of hours. -return Return all borrowed features. -licstat [-host <host> -port <port> -feature <feature> -user <user> -inuse -collapse -totals -network -borrow -denials -hhwu] -licstatxml [-host <host> -port <port> -feature <feature> -user <user> -inuse -collapse -totals -network -borrow -denials -hhwu] Display license statistics, by default list everything Information can be limited with optional arguments Multiple -feature <feature> and -user <user> can be specified -inuse will limit output to features with usage -inuse may not be used with -feature and -user options -collapse will collapse shared checkouts into one client entry displaying the client with the maximum usage -totals will limit output to feature totals -network will only print network features -borrow will only print borrowed features -hhwu will stat the Hosted HWU system
  10. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    TCL script to load points and forces

    Before talking about your code, my question: how do you do with your loaded nodes? How to link to your mesh? your structure?
  11. UNV is dying format in FE world. Why need this format?
  12. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    3d meshing support needed

    Share your model?
  13. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Samcef results in Hyperview

    Yes, use the tool "sam2h3d" of SAMCEF software to convert your SAMCEF's results into H3D format.
  14. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    HyperMesh Surface Mesh Import Error in AcuSolve

    Yes, I see. I don't know Nastran has CFD (Fluent) format.
  15. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    HyperMesh Surface Mesh Import Error in AcuSolve

    Nastran? Do you mean Ansys?