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  1. Maybe you need do "equivalent" of nodes?
  2. If you use Pyramid between Hexa & Tet, it's OK. In you model "1.1.hm" please check "Tet collapse"!!! I see some bad elements.
  3. I just tested LS-DYNA export under Hyperworks 2019.1, it's OK for Pyramid elements! Check this key file: dyna_pyra_1.zip And here's what I got with LS-PrePost: So if you use Hypermesh 2019.* you not need to modify the template.
  4. Sometime, life is easier with solid meshing
  5. You can not connect TET elements to Quad faces. It's not valid from point of view of FEA. You have to use Pyramid elements as in my model.
  6. Your mesh is NOT valid! Have a look at my modification: components "my_3D(*)" : 1.1__.hm
  7. From point of view FEA, you can not connect TET to HEXA directly. You have to use PYRAMID between them. Default LS-DYNA template of Hypermesh can not (at least until release v14) export Pyramid elements for LS-DYNA. But you can do it by modifying this template
  8. If you assign MAT to each element (not by component), you have to read all elements, one by one, to count. Maybe share your model?
  9. In your case, maybe it's better to organize one material for each component. "Why complicate the life when you can simplify it?"
  10. Sorry, I don't know CADFEKO. But I can confirm you that your STL is valid & readable
  11. No error/warning message when I import your STL into Hypermesh 2019.1
  12. Your PSOLID property (ID=2) references to material ID=4 which does not exist. So check your materials definition.
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