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  1. Firstly, maybe you can try it in interactive mode?
  2. I don't think you can do that with importation. But : I can move part into desired Assembly manually I can write some TCL code to do this task
  3. Error message: Don't use "Period" within names
  4. Which kind of mesh do you use? Shell? Solid?
  5. Why looking for INPUT data with Post-processing (Hyperview) software?
  6. For any FE solvers, you can run SPMD with MPI on multi-cores processor, but you win almost nothing about computing performance. MPI is designed firstly for multi-nodes system (HPC).
  7. Tell us about your hardware? Do you have a HPC? or only a PC with multiple cores? Remember: SPMD is multi-nodes multi-processors parallel computing used with a HPC via MPI. When you have only a PC with several cores, you can use "SMP" mode instead.
  8. No way, you can not modify file altair_lic.dat You have to submit again your form to ask new license.
  9. You can use the same node. They have all 6 dof.
  10. So 1D element (shaft) is perpendicular to 2D shell ?
  11. From any software, if you can output your pressure field under the following format, you can use without issue in Hypermesh: X-coordinate1 y-coordinate1 z-coordinate1 pressure1 X-coordinate2 y-coordinate2 z-coordinate2 pressure2 X-coordinate3 y-coordinate3 z-coordinate3 pressure3 By this way, I work no problem with Fluent/OpenFOAM.
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