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  1. No GTX1060 GPU found in "Hardware Recommendations and Certifications" of Altair. That does not mean that you can't run Altair apps on it. You can, but it's not guaranteed.
  2. Try: "C:/Users/Nutzer/Documents/Studium/zz_IAV/z_Test/Skript_einlesen/test.UFF"
  3. Maybe try with full path of file, for example "C:/Temp/test.UFF" instead of "test.UFF"
  4. Carbon fiber truss with "solid circle" section?
  5. I don't know Simlab. But with Hypermesh you can build this CAD without problem.
  6. Check Altair Hardware Supported list, mostly GPU!
  7. I don't think that's possible, maybe join your Student card?
  8. Do you check the license file?
  9. In the Numerical World, ther most important thing is the Quality of your results, not the "Beauty" of your mesh
  10. @Ingeniorator: Is this a academic work? If it's not the case, and if you would like subtract this work, contact me @GDTech
  11. Yes, I just see the internal mesh. Wow, a lot of work.
  12. I don't think you can repair it automatically. But if you are not afraid to work, it's possible.
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