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  1. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    convert to lower version

    Sorry, can't help, because I use only v2017.3
  2. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    What is the best System required for HM

    Hypermesh can not run in parallel mode, but Altair's solvers do! Pay good attention to a good GPU. Have a look at Hardware supported list of Altair.
  3. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Remap Pressure Loads

    If you can produce your pressure field under the following format: x-coordinate, y-coordinate, z-coordinate, pressure so you can do mapping this field to any mesh.
  4. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Constraints in HyperMesh

    Yes, use contact.
  5. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Ho to install package in tcl

    It is not recommended to modify (by adding or removing module) the installation of Altair's Tcl.
  6. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Ho to install package in tcl

    Do you speak about Tcl in general or Altair's Tcl?
  7. Hi Forum admin, When I click to attached document on forum, I got a following warning message: Your SSL certificate is NOT valid for "forum.altairhyperworks.com". Please check it !
  8. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Maximum number of elements that Altair can handle

    Have a look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integer_(computer_science) With type Integer 8 under 64-bit system, you can have up to 2^64 - 1 Where comes from your value "99,999,999"?
  9. File => Run => Tcl/Tk script
  10. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Maximum number of elements that Altair can handle

    I don't think there's a hard limit somewhere. It's rather the limit of your hardware (CPU, GPU, MEM,...)
  11. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Maximum number of elements that Altair can handle

    Altair? or Altair's software? Which software?
  12. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Problems with graphic card

    This's a Warning message. So maybe Hyperworks still runs, but not correctly.
  13. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Export Path

    My script exports Input solver on the same directory as HM model, automatically.
  14. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    installation error

    Are you sure Student edition can work with Network License server?
  15. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    3D Mesh connectivity

    Do you know how to split un solid by a plan?