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  1. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    1st Order Hex to 2nd Order Tet Transition

    Theoretically, I don't know it's possible to build 9-node pyramid element?
  2. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Young's modulus of composite material

    In fact you have E1, E2 & E3 in 3D space. So maybe E1=E2 but different E3. It's possible.
  3. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    1st Order Hex to 2nd Order Tet Transition

    Hi, Tell me which solver supports this 9-node pyramids?
  4. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    How to mesh a sphere in Hypermesh

    If you start with 2D external meshing, you can "fill" to get solid mesh. But in this cas, you get something like TET elements.
  5. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Running Hyperworks on Linux

    If you installed Hyperworks in /opt/hw2017 try to run via following script: cd $HOME /opt/hw2017/altair/scripts/hw HTH,
  6. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Not able to start Installation

    Please check downloaded files before installing. Have a look at file "*_checksum.txt" on download folder.
  7. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Fix bad hex elements

    That's solid mesh? Share model?
  8. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Optimization is really slow

    How about your hardware? CPU? Mem? Do you run in parallel?
  9. Warning message? No Error message?
  10. Old software can not open newer model. With Hypermesh version 12, you can open the models of v12, v11, v10,... but you CAN NOT open models of v13, v14, ...
  11. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    What is the best System required for HM

    About CPU you can work with Xeon or i7/i9 for workstation. Hypermesh can not run all core in parallel, so you not need too much core for this.
  12. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Running Hyperworks on Linux

    Altair has no support for Ubuntu. But you can always try it.
  13. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Quality checks

    Quality of mesh depend to each solver. By changing upper/lower boundary, you will better see if your mesh fits for your need.
  14. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Exporting element sets from hypermesh to Abaqus

    In HM, I have: In exported INP file, I have: As you can see, I have all my sets there My Hypermesh version is 2017.3
  15. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Solid extraction from shell

    Yes, there're several method to do that. Have a look at the help doc?
  16. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    element quality check

    Show us error message? Did you use 2nd order shell elements?
  17. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    system requirement for Hyperwork 14.0

    Is this card supported by Hyperworks? Have a look at Supported hardware list.
  18. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    system requirement for Hyperwork 14.0

    How about your graphic card?
  19. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Blade meshing

    One-click meshing method?
  20. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Input file commands and vtk file

    As Hyperworks is OPEN system, you can query results and export them into VTK format.
  21. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Entity set, element selection

    You have ALOT of different methods to define element sets. Have a look at following screenshot:
  22. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Export solver deck to WORKBENCH

    @Premanand Suryavanshi: Can you make out the difference between Ansys format supported by Hypermesh & Ansys Workbench? The format supported by Hypermesh is Ansys Mechanical. Yes, we can import this such format into Ansys Workbench, but that're two different formats.
  23. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Hypermesh - Define oblique forces

    You can define a local system. Then the force can be defined in this local system.
  24. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Multi solids meshing issue

    I see you got already your mesh. So what's your issue? Share your model?
  25. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    3D Tetra Elements not showing in LS-PrePost/DYNA

    Keep "quads" at external faces and make "tet" in internal volume? That does not make sense from point of view of FEA !!!