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  1. Try to put your commands in a proc & call this proc via -command ? Remember : the valid command is "*create....." not "create...."
  2. No thickness information within element dataname. You have to look for the property of element.
  3. Begin with Tcl/Tk tutorials (Google is your friend)
  4. In your case, don't drag nodes, but drag elements.
  5. Is this a very big H3D file? Could you share your H3D? (I use sam2h3d too for SAMCEF)
  6. On release 2019.1 I see only "*linescreatemidline"
  7. @MaL2K16: Split & Split your solid before meshing !!!
  8. Can not understand what you wan to do! You want to EXPORT from HM to ANSYS format? Or IMPORT the Ansys nodes into HM?
  9. Translate => nodes => select the existing node => duplicate => Got temp node at the same location as existing node.
  10. I don't think this feature is available with Hyperworks. However, Hyperview Player is free. So you can export your mesh into H3D for Hyperview player.
  11. @Crashphys: Parallel run (SMP or SPMD) is for big analysis. When you use this method for small (18, 19sec in your case) analysis, there's NO sense. Try with a bigger analysis, about 4~5h of CPU.
  12. Which version of Hypermesh? Which version of Abaqus?
  13. Have a look at this : https://www.altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Student_Guide_55-57.pdf
  14. @enriqueng: In general, you can define l'orientation of your plies comparing to tube axis.
  15. @tinh : Could you do the same customization for Hyperview? Thanks
  16. For this moment, I install (real) HW on workstation and HWX on ... playstation
  17. Hmm, I don't think there's some limitation on memory (RAM) of student release. Really?
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