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  1. Have a look at this : https://www.altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Student_Guide_55-57.pdf
  2. @enriqueng: In general, you can define l'orientation of your plies comparing to tube axis.
  3. @tinh : Could you do the same customization for Hyperview? Thanks
  4. For this moment, I install (real) HW on workstation and HWX on ... playstation
  5. If you like to use HWX comfortably, maybe in 1-2 years
  6. Hmm, I don't think there's some limitation on memory (RAM) of student release. Really?
  7. Yes, it's the ideal case. But in reality, that is not always true. The "Model view" of 2019.0 & 2019.1 (with useless Assembly tree) is a typical example of developers who don't take care of what users want.
  8. Hi @tinh, in "Assemblies view" I can create Assembly/Component within each Assembly: But with "Model view" (your modified version) I can not do that (maybe the same issue in initial version): Do you think it's possible to customize this context menu by adding "Create ..." ? Thanks,
  9. Yes, this is an "idiot" feature of version 2019
  10. No way with Hyperview. You can export only to H3D or Solver Deck. ODB is not native format of Hyperworks, I would be surprised if you can export to this format.
  11. Maybe it's issue of your graphic card?
  12. Maybe try with version 2019.1?
  13. Which version do you use?
  14. For sure, could you test your card with another normal monitor?
  15. No way to combine TRIA to get regular HEXAGONS. You have to start to make regular hexagons (geometry) firstly and try to fit your surface on it. Good luck!
  16. @Joel Rodarte: use command "hm_getvolumeofsolid"
  17. @loren : I can help you to get .dat Nastran file from you model Hypermesh, if you want.
  18. Yes, you choose white color for your component and show it "By Comp". About mesh line color, you can change by "O" (option) => "colors' => mesh line
  19. Do you want show 3D mesh like this picture? or like this ?
  20. "*deleteelementsmode" is "Deprecated Commands" So it's better to use: *setoption delete_elements_mode=<value> The remesh setting for topology revision. 0 - Keep mesh 1 - Delete mesh 2 - Remesh 3 - Advanced remesh 4 - 2D + 3D (tetra) remesh
  21. Bitmap screenshot is "dump" pixel of your screen. So if you want better quality, you have to choose better monitor. That's all.
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