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  1. If you know surface ID, you can select points by: hm_createmark points 1 "by surface" $surf_id
  2. Check your license server (6200@thor.niar.wichita.edu). Maybe server is down?
  3. Not really. In your out file, you have ONLY 12420 MB Ram. Have a look at this warning: *** WARNING: The amount of allocated memory exceeds available RAM - this may cause significant slowing down of solution progress due to the swapping out memory to the swap file. It is recommended to use out-of-core solution to reduce memory requirements.
  4. It looks like the memory allocation issue. How much RAM do you have?
  5. So you create constraint for each node without making a local syst?
  6. Maybe you can play with "geometry refinement" level ? (Menu Preferences => Graphics)
  7. Yes, it's possible to build 3D mesh without 2D mesh. But with 2D mesh, you have more control in case you would like to do refinement of mesh (element number on fillet,...) For some case one keep 2D as "skin" of solid to catch membrane stress. If you does not need this 2D mesh, just remove it.
  8. You have to remove "^Skin_2". And the errors about CTRIA3 disappear. I know nothing about "TABLES1" errors.
  9. You have a Skin mesh without property (see the comp ^Skin_2). If you not need the skin mesh, you can delete it. Model HM: crochet2.hm
  10. In fact it depends to you work and to your working method. With more than 20 years of FEA I never need this feature
  11. I can imagine you have 3 groups: Node group // Y : use global system Node group // Z : use global system Nodes on fillet: define a cylindrical system and apply constraints within this local syst
  12. As your screenshot, you NOT need altair_lic.dat because you use Altair License server. When you see the licenses within "almutil" Hypermesh should work ok. Your server has 1250000 HWU, so there're about maximum 59 Hypermesh/Hyperview sessions in parallel. Each session Hypermesh/Hyperview needs 21000 HWU.
  13. No, you can not use Student Edition for commercial projects. Futhermore, from point of technical view the Student Edition has some limits of features.
  14. Here's my script: Run it Select some RBE Lines are created within comp named "RBE_Lines" STEP is exported to "*_RBE.stp" in the same directory as HM model Script: rbe2lines_20200529.zip
  15. Remember: Hyperworks is NOT CAD software.
  16. Ping is OK. Network is OK. If you can not request license from this server, check if Altair License server is running ok?
  17. What? How you can tell he is using 32 bit machine?
  18. I don't think the actual release of Hyperview can support VTK format. But you can always do some programming to read VTK and write to HWASCII which is readable by Hyperview
  19. @Koushik Chandrashekhar: He is trying to connect to his license server, not by using altair_lic.dat file!
  20. Can you do "ping kl1-b03-zls.ds.fh-kl.de" from command window?
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