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  1. The first thing you have to do is checking your hardware with Altair's supported hardware list (Graphic card)
  2. You have to export by using "CFD" template from Hypermesh.
  3. It's so simple. Just split your surface and make a new compo for each area.
  4. Where comes from your stuff of "Flexera Software ..." ??? Altair DOES not use "Flexera Software"
  5. I'm not sure if CFD template distinguish between lower & upper case, but at your place I'll try: wall* instead of Wall*, inflow instead of Inflow ???
  6. Here's my test to get ID list of all comps: > ./cmd2.sh 21 22 23 24 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 3 4 1 2 5 39 42 44 46 47 File cmd2.sh: #!/bin/bash HM="/opt/hw/2019.1/altair/scripts/hm" OPTS="-nocommand -nouserprofiledialog -batch -nobg" TCL="-tcl test2.tcl" export ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH="6200@YOUR-LICENSE-SERVER" $HM $OPTS $TCL 2>/dev/null FIle test2.tcl: *templatefileset "/opt/hw/2019.1/altair/templates/feoutput/nastran/general" *readfile "/FULL/PATH/samcef_validation_hw2019.hm" *createmark comps 1 "all" set comp_list [hm_getmark comps 1] puts "$comp_list" HTH,
  7. You can split your solid/surface directly within Hypermesh.
  8. If you wan to learn TCL programming: Select components with *createmark Get component name with hm_getvalue Change component name whatever you want Update component name That's all
  9. If you're happy with old release, don't update
  10. Your local drive on HPC is only 1GB ??? No FEA apps can use Intel "HT" feature. Even worse, you loss performance.
  11. The very first thing you have to do is to READ some tutorials (available in your installation) on CFD Meshing.
  12. Write your TCL script (with above commands) and run it from command line.
  13. Yes, I have got the same issue for some time. Here're my tries: Check the geometrical tolerance (pres O) Try to isolate the volume which causes the issue by splitting solids Try to work with surfaces instead of solid
  14. Please ask @Rahul Ponginan or @Rahul R to know why my uploaded file not available!
  15. Try: set ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH "C:\Path1\license1.dat;C:\Path2\license2.dat"
  16. I don't know how to do that quickly. But at your place, I don't work with solid mesh, but with surface mesh.
  17. Scratch drive is often a local fast (SSD) disk for performance. Don't use Network drive! Never use "Hyperthreading enabled" for FEA on HPC Cluster (Note: I work daily with HPC Linux cluster for FEA)
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