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  1. Yes, you choose white color for your component and show it "By Comp". About mesh line color, you can change by "O" (option) => "colors' => mesh line
  2. Do you want show 3D mesh like this picture? or like this ?
  3. "*deleteelementsmode" is "Deprecated Commands" So it's better to use: *setoption delete_elements_mode=<value> The remesh setting for topology revision. 0 - Keep mesh 1 - Delete mesh 2 - Remesh 3 - Advanced remesh 4 - 2D + 3D (tetra) remesh
  4. Bitmap screenshot is "dump" pixel of your screen. So if you want better quality, you have to choose better monitor. That's all.
  5. Type "hwascii" within search page of Hyperworks help.
  6. I know nothing about Acuconsole. But when you build a FE mesh, you have to check also the quality: Jacobian, ratio, ... There are alot of quality criteron to check to get a good mesh.
  7. That should work without any issue with equation + cylindrical system. Here's my test:
  8. Maybe you can do it (midline) with some CAD softwares.
  9. *setedgemeshparams is deprecated command. Please use *set_meshedgeparams
  10. Are you sure this graphics card is in the list of supported hardware?
  11. @Yash_ykr : Do you check downloaded files by MD5SUM?
  12. Screenshot? Model to share?
  13. Of course, when you change the normal direction of your mesh within Hypermesh, the STL output will be changed. Have a look at output in the following: facet normal 0.0 0.0 1.0 outer loop vertex 0.000000E+00 5.0000000E+01 0.000000E+00 vertex 0.000000E+00 3.3333333E+01 0.000000E+00 vertex 1.6666667E+01 5.0000000E+01 0.000000E+00 endloop endfacet and when I changed the normal, output will be: facet normal 0.0 0.0 -1.0 outer loop vertex 3.3437438E+01 2.0355164E+01 0.000000E+00 vertex 5.0000000E+01 1.6666667E+01 0.000000E+00 vertex 3.3333333E+01 0.000000E+00 0.000000E+00 endloop endfacet
  14. @Duc_Hoang: Mapping works well with Hypermesh. But make sure you have the same "mapping field" (your CSV file) and target mesh. Both should present same volume 3D.
  15. It's CAD feature. You can do it within your CAD software. But you can also do it with Hypermesh. Some works are needed, it's not ONE-CLICK work.
  16. From my FE software I build *.hwascii file from thickness distribution. So I can visualize thickness card within Hyperview, as another results code.
  17. You may have some issue with your PC. Several sessions of Hypermesh can work without problem.
  18. You say the plies are symmetric ? On the picture I do not feel that the plies are symmetrical. With symmetrical plies, you define only a half by using "sym".
  19. Under preload of bolt, you get gap=0. But under preload of bolt and external load, you can not get gap>0. Because the bolt preload was calculated to keep both parts in contact. If you get gap>0 during external load, your bolt et bolt preload were not calculated correctly.
  20. Have a look at license file.
  21. I'm not sure SimSolid cound do this operation. Keep in mind that SimSolid is not CAD software. So it's better to do CAD operations in CAD software before running SimSolid.
  22. Hi, In Model browser, we have right-click context menu with several action on current collector. Can we customize this menu? I would like to customize some action with my scripts. Thanks,
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