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  1. For TET meshing, you can work directly with surfaces, not need to create solid.
  2. If you can not do what you want with solids, try then with surfaces? (by extracting surfaces from solids)
  3. @darad: I used "Hyperworks X" on a .... Playstation and "Hyperworks Classic" on a Workstation
  4. You can execute this command directly within command window (below of graphical area) or write it into a TCL script.
  5. Node-locked license is created for only one or several PC. Another PC can not use it. Node-locked license is delivered in general within one license file. You don't need server setup. License will crypted on PC's Ethernet HostID (where you run apps). Floating Network license is server-client based model, in general be setup in LAN. From any PC within LAN can request for license. Network licenses are delivered on Ethernet HostID of the server.
  6. You can use contact or rigid element in this case. But pay attention to local stress.
  7. Try: hm_getvalue elems id=<Elem-ID> dataname=volume
  8. Just remove OP2 within your card OUTPUT?
  9. Yes, there are some free X-Window server for Windows: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xming/ https://sourceforge.net/projects/vcxsrv/ I used "vcxsrv" on my Windows laptop.
  10. Write your script to generate face from solid & reverse its normal ?
  11. In this case, you have to setup a X-Window server on your localhost and setup putty to export "DISPLAY" from remote to your local X-Window server.
  12. As I can understand, Hyperworks Solvers (RADIOSS, Optistruct) can use GPU for computing. Within a Hypermesh/Hyperworks interactive sessions, I think GPU will be used for graphical render only not for another computing. Maybe Altair expert could confirm that?
  13. @tinh: on my 2019.1 Hypermesh, this command does not work. In the help I see: hm_attributelistall Returns a list of all attribute IDs, names, types or type names for the current template. Syntax : hm_attributelistall value Type : HyperMesh Tcl Query Description : Returns a list of all attribute IDs, names, types or type names for the current template. Inputs value The type of list to return. Valid values are: id - the attribute ID name - the attribute name type - the attribute type number typename - the attribute type string
  14. With your Ctrl+Shift+Esc you get "processes list" on CPU, no more. If you think your GPU is useless, try to remove your card P2000 and run Hypermesh again?
  15. How do you know your GPU is doing nothing within Hypermesh?
  16. Which "Card image" do you use for your material? If you use "MATERIAL", you can try: hm_getvalue mat id=1 dataname=MP_EX_VAL2
  17. Have a look at "HyperWorks Desktop Application Unit Draw" in online help.
  18. If element thickness was assigned via component, not directly by element, this command returns nothing. In this case you have to call "hm_getthickness component"
  19. Try to put your commands in a proc & call this proc via -command ? Remember : the valid command is "*create....." not "create...."
  20. Drag elements + equivalent of nodes = OK
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