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  1. For me I set up EVERYTHING in Hypermesh for Abaqus
  2. Not only free-free modal analysis, but in any modal analysis, the results are always normalized, either by displacement or by mass.
  3. Attention: for Abaqus profile, you have to define "Load Steps" in order to get all BC within INP output. Have a look at Abaqus tutorial in Hypermesh.
  4. No way! BCs are always exported with the mesh, whatever the solver.
  5. Aiie If you does not have Microsoft Office, try LibreOffice, it's OpenSource Software and it works very well, including with DOCX, XLSX, PPTX files.
  6. Why you need the GUI? I think you can write this GUI with Tcl/Tk no problem. But it's better to test firstly with no-GUI script.
  7. It's not so complicated. Here're some ideas: The following command disables output for component ID=5: *setvalue comps id=5 outputsuppressed=1 Example of STL export: *createstringarray 2 "CONNECTORS_SKIP" "HMMATCOMMENTS_XML" *feoutputwithdata "C:/Program Files/Altair/2020/hwdesktop/templates/feoutput/misc/triasto.stl" "C:/Users/Me/test1.stl" 0 0 2 1 2
  8. All above video = 2D mesh refinement + mapping/drag/rotate
  9. If you can not share, I understand. Could you show me a simple "similar" example?
  10. I need some pictures to understand your problem from point of view of mechanics (loads,BC,...)
  11. If you does not have any detailed information (node ID, element ID,...) the only possibility is asking Altair support.
  12. Make one time all task you need and found all commands within the file "command.tcl"
  13. My first question: can you do this task in interactive session?
  14. If you does not found any advantage about CPU time above 4 cores, your model is NOT BIG enough for real parallel computing.
  15. For interactive session of Hypermesh/Hyperview I don't think you can run more than one core per session. For batch task, maybe. I never try it.
  16. What do you mean "... beyond it remain same"?
  17. By definition, a SHELL element does not have TWO faces! So you have to work with SOLID element.
  18. You can get all these information with a small Tcl script. Write out on Command window and copy/paste into your PPT?
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