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  1. The first thing to understand: STL can be used directly as FE mesh, but not always. STL is a presentation format, firstly. So surface presentation is based on triangulation as triangulaire mesh. But at the quality level, it's not the same. In your case, your STL model is maybe good enough for surface presentation but not for EF meshing. So you have to do alot of work on this STL before doing 3D mesh on it. Good luck!
  2. You got high stress level, because your structure, your load. Penta elements are also as good as another element type. At your place, I'll check this high stress value to see if it's a physical value? or a numerical value?
  3. Do you're speaking about surface or solid mesh?
  4. Within your Hyperworks's installation, you have every thing (help, tuto,...) to start.
  5. Ahh, I just see for the 1st time interface of 2019 X! You're right, the Keyboard settings were changed. 2019 X's interface KILLS me !!!!
  6. I found the same Keyboard settings menu as 2017.x:
  7. I think your "recuva" software does wrong job. So your .hm model was corrupted. No way to restore.
  8. @Julio Do you have any backup of your working model?
  9. New release Hyperworks 2019 finally is here!!!
  10. You need work more to get good surface model. Have a look at my screenshots: In this example, I used : Surface Edit => Extend Surfaces HTH,
  11. Why need Patran when you have already Hypermesh? (The same question: Why need Peugeot when you have already BMW?)
  12. What's your final goal of using MPC?
  13. You can try several different method: Trim solid by line + direction Trim solid by cylindrical surface Your geometry is very simple. It should work no problem.
  14. Here's the model: joint_size.hm
  15. If STL has good-enough quality for FE mesh, you not need to create geometry (surface/solid), you work directly over STL.
  16. Create your set (mode interactive) and have a look at file "command.tcl"
  17. The real question is : "Excel.xls format can be read by Tcl shipped with Hypermesh?"
  18. These meshes are so simple in this area. At your place, I'll rebuild surfaces from mesh & do geometrical operation (trim surface) to get expected geometry.
  19. Which BC? which TEMPS? Share model?
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