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  1. It's possible. But you have to ask again the license key.
  2. Create your set (mode interactive) and have a look at file "command.tcl"
  3. The real question is : "Excel.xls format can be read by Tcl shipped with Hypermesh?"
  4. These meshes are so simple in this area. At your place, I'll rebuild surfaces from mesh & do geometrical operation (trim surface) to get expected geometry.
  5. Which BC? which TEMPS? Share model?
  6. Just run a Optistruct job when you borrow the license?
  7. All Solver keywords can be found easily within .... Solver's manual.
  8. Sorry, can't help, because I use only v2017.3
  9. Hypermesh can not run in parallel mode, but Altair's solvers do! Pay good attention to a good GPU. Have a look at Hardware supported list of Altair.
  10. If you can produce your pressure field under the following format: x-coordinate, y-coordinate, z-coordinate, pressure so you can do mapping this field to any mesh.
  11. It is not recommended to modify (by adding or removing module) the installation of Altair's Tcl.
  12. Do you speak about Tcl in general or Altair's Tcl?
  13. Hi Forum admin, When I click to attached document on forum, I got a following warning message: Your SSL certificate is NOT valid for "forum.altairhyperworks.com". Please check it !
  14. Have a look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integer_(computer_science) With type Integer 8 under 64-bit system, you can have up to 2^64 - 1 Where comes from your value "99,999,999"?
  15. I don't think there's a hard limit somewhere. It's rather the limit of your hardware (CPU, GPU, MEM,...)
  16. Altair? or Altair's software? Which software?
  17. This's a Warning message. So maybe Hyperworks still runs, but not correctly.
  18. My script exports Input solver on the same directory as HM model, automatically.
  19. Are you sure Student edition can work with Network License server?
  20. Do you know how to split un solid by a plan?
  21. It's simple. Split part1 by using Part2's faces: Mesh Part1: Mesh Part2 with the same density on contact area: Equivalent of nodes: Final model HM: test_3D_mesh_with_2_parts.hm HTH,
  22. Why you need a script to make your mesh?
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