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  1. @SergioV: You have 445 elements with aspect ratio > 20! So please make correction of your 2D mesh before filling 3D.
  2. In this case, you can split your comp1 into comp1a, comp1b,... Make equivalent of nodes by choosing elements by collector.
  3. If you can't see anything wrong, how we can see something without your model?
  4. Some pictures maybe?
  5. There're alot of comments in exported Nastran BDF. Often they're one,two or some lines. So export HM comments as include file is possible, but NOT a smart idea.
  6. Menu : "Geometry" => Create => Surface => From EF When you have closed surfaces, you can create Solid.
  7. Page "Tool" (not menu Tool). In bottom of interface, you have several pages: Geom, 1D, 2D, 3D, Analysis, Tool, Post
  8. Here's HM model: Cuneiforme_1_PP_D.hm
  9. Before meshing: Press "o" => mesh => element order = second After meshing: 3D page => order change
  10. CAD surface from .INP Abaqus file, are you sure?
  11. You could run job by that way. But it's NOT a good idea bypassing the Cluster's Job scheduler. Myself I'm HPC Cluster admin, so I know what you have to do. My best advice for you is asking your Cluster admin.
  12. Normally on any cluster system, you have a "Job scheduler" like SGE, Moab, PBS,... So you have to run your job through this such system. Ask your Cluster admin.
  13. @Rahul R Tetramesh update based on geometry modification is USELESS for the question of @jss. His 3D mesh is based on STL, not geometry.
  14. Organize yourself material information (within XLS/CSV) and write a TCL script to read it and create material for Hypermesh.
  15. Try my tool: Abaqus_INP_tool.zip Executable file for Windows. Within command line terminal: inp_tool.exe Job-1.inp You will got one INP file for each part. Then import them into Hypermesh.
  16. I have "Visible only on/off" on my Hypermesh Desktop 2019.
  17. Abaqus has a special mechanism to assembly parts. That why it works with Abaqus, but not with others.
  18. Yes, if it takes 4h to write this script and you use only one time, it's NOT worth writing.
  19. If you can not modify manually, write a script to do the job
  20. Node => Arc center Build curves from above nodes Got "midline" of tubes
  21. Edit your .INP file to extract one .INP file for each part. Import each .INP into Hypermesh => You got one .HM model for each part Build assembly in Hypermesh: open 1st model and then "Import model" for others.
  22. I see you got not-bad tet mesh. So where's your problem?
  23. @mpvnaresh : share your model?
  24. Yes, it's typically the issue with "including" meshing of Abaqus. Workaround: import each including mesh and rebuild assemble with Hypermesh.
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