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  1. You say the plies are symmetric ? On the picture I do not feel that the plies are symmetrical. With symmetrical plies, you define only a half by using "sym".
  2. Under preload of bolt, you get gap=0. But under preload of bolt and external load, you can not get gap>0. Because the bolt preload was calculated to keep both parts in contact. If you get gap>0 during external load, your bolt et bolt preload were not calculated correctly.
  3. Have a look at license file.
  4. I'm not sure SimSolid cound do this operation. Keep in mind that SimSolid is not CAD software. So it's better to do CAD operations in CAD software before running SimSolid.
  5. Hi, In Model browser, we have right-click context menu with several action on current collector. Can we customize this menu? I would like to customize some action with my scripts. Thanks,
  6. LS-DYNA solver, as Optistruct also,... are unitless. User should warranty unit consistent. So to fit the unit system of HyperLife, maybe you need do all changes for LS-DYNA input.
  7. Maybe some ideas: Compute mean (geometrical) node N1 of Group_1 Compute mean node N2 of Group_2 Compute the line (Delta) passing by N1 & N2 On the line Delta, choose two Point A & B which covers two groups. Compute the distance AB by using their coordinates Compute the distance D_A & D_B thanks to "hm_measureshortestdistance"
  8. You can estimate simply as show in below picture : D = D_AB - (D_A + D_B)
  9. 145MB is really NOT a big file. How about hardware of your PC? CPU? RAM?
  10. IMHO you have to fix your surfaces firstly, before making your mesh by doing equivalence of edges. You have to have all green edges. Geom => edge edit => equivalence
  11. You need to do "equivalence" of nodes.
  12. You don't have "Z" so you work on 2D mapping? Try to add a constant value as Z-coordinate to fit required format of Hypermesh?
  13. How about the stiffness of "ghost" elements? When you set null for density, the "ghost" elements have no influence on mass of course. That makes sense only when you take into account the gravity effect.
  14. Only two possibilities: Add a plate Use another profile with bigger thickness
  15. This's local stress due to RBE2. If it's too high for you, you need add a plate below the tube.
  16. Have a look at "Export options". You have to choose "HM comments" options.
  17. Maybe you need do "equivalent" of nodes?
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