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  1. That depend to your solver, to your objective. For example, with FE solver, 1st order TET elements are not good (too stiff) for Static analysis. 2nd order TET elements are better. However, with Explicite solver (like LS-Dyna, MSC/Dytran,...) you can not use high-order elements.
  2. You can correct this issue manually. It's not so complicated. Have a look at my test (I used HW14. Zip file have FEM format). sent-2.zip sent-2.hm
  3. That's simple. Create 2 shell properties: one for embbed 2D & another for enclosing 2D mesh. Create two different components for each 2D mesh. Apply the property for each component.
  4. Make TRIA mesh for your box firstly and then try TET mesh. Have a look at my test: my TRIA 2D mesh is yellow. My 2D mesh of the box is green (closed volume). The final 3D shares the same nodes as TRIA 2D mesh.
  5. If you work with external/internal faces, you can define "offset" for your shell. Create new component Organize => surf => Select solid surfaces => copy
  6. Before to woth with this kind of meshing, don't forget that mid-surface is NOT always the best choice. Some times it's better to work with external/internal faces.
  7. Nastran, as FE solver, is good. But Patran is bad, very bad comparing to Hyperworks. Patran is "dying" software! Hyperworks can do alot of geometrical works, but not AS POWERFUL AS CAD softwares. If you buy Hyperworks just to do this job, your choice is not good.
  8. STEP is CAD exchange format. Why need export "results animation" as STEP??? Can't understand what do you want.
  9. Your mesh is not so "good" enough to give you reliable results. Please refine firstly.
  10. At your place, I'll try a "hybrid" meshing : maximum of Hex and Tet+Penta+Pyramid. I used Samcef as FE solver, so this kind of meshing works no problem.
  11. Even you could convert from "shell" to "Solid", but that's FE entities. How you can export them into IGES/STEP asked by author of this thread?
  12. Try the following TCL code: *createmarkpanel elements 1 "Select RBODY Elems" set my_elems [hm_getmark elements 1] *clearmark elems 1; foreach eid $my_elems { if {[hm_getentityvalue elements $eid config 0]==55} { set node1 [hm_getentityvalue elements $eid node1 0] puts [format "ElemID= %d ; MasterNode= %d" $eid $node1] } }
  13. Gentoo Linux is not found in supported system of Hyperworks. Have a look at attached image.
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