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  1. Have a look at command *showentitybymark: Here's an example: *createmark components 2 "m_QUAD4" *createstringarray 2 "geometry_off" "elements_on" *showentitybymark 2 1 2
  2. It's NOT so simple! Take a simple case of a beam in tension. If you increase the geometrical dimension as twice (x=2*x; y=2*y; z=2*z). The section will be increased 4 time! So if you increase your load twice, the stress of new model is only the half of initial ones! Have a look at : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Similitude_(model)
  3. I can't found surface "name" in Data Names help doc:
  4. Define a local cylindrical system for your tube. Presuming that your pressure varies from 0.055 MPa to 0.55 MPa over 180° along circumference, your equation is something like: p = 0.055 + 0.495 * y / 3.14159 ( y = 0.0 .. 3.14159 rad , y is circumferential direction) You enter only right side of this equation into Analysis => Pressure => equation. Don't forget to select your local cylindrical system thanks to the button "system". Load type = PLOAD4
  5. You can use method "equation" or "linear interpolation".
  6. You can make lines/curves/surfaces with Hypermesh. That's not so as powerful as CAD software, but it's ok for your case. Once you have surfaces, the mesh will done for some ... clicks ;-)
  7. Maybe try: Tools => normals => elements => reverse ? Here's my test:
  8. Maybe you forgot "Boundary Conditions"?
  9. I confirm this bug with Hyperworks 2017.1.
  10. Ahhh, that's not legal numerical presentation! I hope staff or Altair's developper could give you some explanations.
  11. Good question! There're some criteria depending to your purposes: Expriences based of similar work ( or feeling?) Precision to got of results analsysis Computing capacity (CPU, memory, disk,...) Ask .. FEA expert
  12. If you can make a mark "by box", do another mark "displayed". The intersection of two marks gives what you need.
  13. Since release v14, Hypermesh writes to "command.tcl" instead of "command.cmf". If you need really "command.cmf" use old release like v13, v12,...
  14. Have a look at Help doc: *settopologydisplaytype Create a TCL script (for example shortcut.tcl) containing the following code : *settopologydisplaytype 1 Preferences => Keyboard settings => Choose shortcut (for example Ctrl-U in my screenshot) and click to find the script "shortcut.tcl"
  15. The first (and basic) rule for any public forum: Never write your message ALL IN UPPER !
  16. Yeah, for "small" & "average" analysis, that's ok. But for "big" (>1.E+6 nodes), maybe you hit Excel limitation
  17. @Prakash He want to IMPORT load defined in Excel file, not INTERPOLATE as you suggest. Maybe the resultant is not so different, but that's not the same. @mano112aprmw Do you know something about TCL programming? I think you can export Excel into CSV format et write a TCL script to read & apply to your model.
  18. For elements boolean operators, I think you can do with TCL macro.
  19. Check your input data!!!
  20. In modal analysis, the Displacement amplitude is not so important, but the look give you the form of vibration mode. In general, the unit of frequency is Hz (number of vibration cycle per second)
  21. Not only "nodes should be equal in both faces" but also "element topology should be compatible on both faces. In other words, even with the same node number, you can not do linear mesh from Quad elements (on 1st face) to Tria elements (on 2nd face)
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