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  1. Personally I don't think you can do something with "morphing" here. Mapping mesh is impossible with your green part due to tangent edges. Why not try mixte meshing (hex/pyra/tet) or 100% tet ?
  2. I tried Spaceclaim too. Yeah, it's powerful tool. But I can advise you use this tool to do some things which can not done with Hypermesh ONLY. For solid/surface splitting in order to do meshing, it's better to do that directly within HM.
  3. Try my following code: *createmarkpanel lines 1 "Select Lines" set lines [hm_getmark lines 1] *clearmark lines 1; set dist 10.0; foreach id $lines { set length [hm_linelength $id] if {$dist < [expr $length/2]} { set ratio1 [expr $dist/$length] set ratio2 [expr { 1.0 - $dist/$length } ] eval *createdoublearray 2 $ratio1 $ratio2 eval *nodecreateatlineparams $id 1 2 0 0 0 puts [format "Line %d : Nodes at %0.6f %0.6f" $id $ratio1 $ratio2] } } *clearmark lines 1; HTH,
  4. Check your video card and try to find within supported cards of Hyperworks.
  5. If you want to queue your jobs, you have to have a system like PBS (Altair), SGE (Oracle), Torque (OSS),...
  6. Here's my code: *createlistpanel surfaces 1 "Select first surface" set surf_list [hm_getlist surfaces 1 ]; *clearlist surfaces 1; foreach sid $surf_list { puts "Surf $sid:"; set edges_list [lindex [hm_getsurfaceedges $sid] 0] foreach id $edges_list { puts " Edge: $id"; } }
  7. I think you can create as many as forces in your loadstep.
  8. http://www.stressebook.com/rbe2-vs-rbe3/ http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=149522
  9. Or wirte a TCL script to select "bad" elements according to your criterion and then delete them.
  10. Please check the interface between your loading component and the structure. I think you have forgot some assembly links between them? Have a look at displacement value of your results. 4.966E+12, really?
  11. Try: F2 => elems => by attached => reverse => delete entity
  12. Where's your userpage.mac? For TCL script, you can define its full path, for example "C:/Scripts/succsesful.tcl" instead of "succsesful.tcl".
  13. One screenshot for better understanding your question?
  14. Element Quality checking gives you some ideas about the quality of your mesh. It's not so easy to say "good" or "bad". Depending to your analysis goal, to analysis type, to your FE solver, ... and depending to your experiences too. A "not-so-good" meshing for one solver maybe "good enough" for another solver, another analysis. Some general rules I do with TET10 meshing with SAMCEF solver: Aspect <= 3~4 Jacobian >= 0.6~0.7
  15. Try my code: *createmarkpanel sets 1 "Select sets " set set_ids [hm_getmark sets 1] *clearmark sets 1 foreach id [lsort $set_ids] { set name [hm_entityinfo name sets $id] *createentity comps name=$name *createmark elems 1 "by set id" $id *movemark elements 1 "$name" *clearmark elems 1 } HTH,
  16. Your black solid is not enough fixed yet. So you can't load your structure. Please check again your constraints.
  17. How do you do to get these H3D? Normally, at the end of anlysis, we got only one H3D with several loadcases, right?
  18. IGES is only my latest working option. It's better with STEP, Parasolid.
  19. 1. Extract face from 2 current components 2. Split geometrical surfaces by faces from 1. 3. Do surface mesh on surfaces created on 2. 4. From 1. & 3. you got closed 2D mesh => Fill with TET mesh to get volume. HTH,
  20. Yes, Hyperview Player is your (best) solution. Just export your results into H3D format and use free software "Hyperview Player" to visualize.
  21. -nt nnn Specify number of CPU cores in multiprocessor (SMP) run -nthread nnn -''- I can't found the option "-ncpu" in help page of Optistruct. Which version do you use?
  22. Could you share a sample of Polyflow output? I know nothing about this software. But if you show me the format, maybe I'll try a script.
  23. It's not complicated. Just do in loop: mesh => check => if > 0.35 then fixe that => check => ...
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