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  1. When you have AUTOSPC enabled, it's not you who make SPC, but the solver. So you see nothing. Turn off AUTOSPC and check your BC.
  2. @MartinaC : Is this TET4 or TET10 mesh?
  3. How about the format of your CSV file? Could you share it? For me, I used CSV in following format : X-coordinate , Y-coordinate , Z-coordinate, Pressure
  4. I used "linear interpolation" method with CFD pressure.
  5. Sorry, I don't know what happen with you, but it works well for me.
  6. Beam forces are presented always within Elemental system. No sense to show them in Global system.
  7. So this importation feature is not available for Student release then.
  8. Don't make TET mesh with this simple geometry!!! Here's the best way to go:
  9. @Joel Rodarte : The efforts of Beam were computed & presented often within elemental system. No sense to get beam efforts within global system.
  10. @Alex Nguyen : Refine your mesh!
  11. Compute d1 Compute d2 Look for intersection d1 & d2 Radius = distance OA or OB or OC ==> It's time for homework!
  12. Do you try to search with Google yet? Try: http://code.activestate.com/lists/activetcl/2550/ Thank you Google!
  13. Have a look the script "default_component.tcl" within "hm/scripts/browser". Maybe you found some good idea to code.
  14. Share your model?
  15. I don't know where's this script. But by checking .SES file, I found the format is simple. So you can write yourself the script :-)
  16. As you can see on my screenshot: it works!
  17. I make a closed surface mesh firstly and fill with Tetra mesh.
  18. It's normal. In big closed volume, you have 327 elems with "aspect" > 20 !!! Again, when you have a bad (see very bad) surface mesh, you risk having error with filling tetra elems.
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