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  1. On your last picture you have two options: License File (.dat) ==> Nodelock License Network License - Server port and Address ==> FLoating (or Network) License I think you have Nodelock license. If you do not change the hardware, maybe the current license works also with another OS. To try!
  2. What type of license do you buy? Nodelock or Floating license? If Nodelock, no, you can't. Because the license est delivred for your Mac. If Floating, no problem. You can use your license from any PC in your network.
  3. Without constraints at Roadway (as shown in my picture) you can not compute a bridge The real bridge has ALWAYS supports at Roadway ends.
  4. Do you forget to put some constraints to Roadway???
  5. The first thing is not good: make STEP from STL file. STL is not CAD exchange format. STL for some specific work. Maybe try F11 => toggle edge ?
  6. On laptop I have Quadro P2000 4GB, on desktop I have Quadro K2200 4GB so I have NEVER issue with Hypermesh
  7. I'm not sure, but I think that I know NOTHING about YOUR computer hey
  8. Yes, you can do meshing with TCL script. But remember that TCL script can not replace you. The script is used for automatization task.
  9. I think your graphic card has some hardward issue.
  10. Even commercial customer has to buy addtional license for Catia CAD importation, I don't think this feature is available for Student release.
  11. You can do analysis under normal user, sudo is not needed Try: dos2unix your_file.fem and run again?
  12. Check your hardware? Graphic card?
  13. A lot of parameters for *tetmesh command. Have a look at your local help doc (file:///C:/Program Files/Altair/2019/help/hwd/topics/reference/hm/_tetmesh.htm)
  14. If you can share the model, I'll have a look at it.
  15. Remove Mesh2 from your model Create Pressure 2 on Mesh 1 DONE
  16. In fact, pyNASTRAN is ONLY free possibility to read OP2 results file.
  17. Hyperworks comes with understandable document. So try to READ them (guide, doc, tutorials)
  18. Here's work flow with Hypermesh to build Abaqus model: Work within Abaqus profile of Hypermesh Build mesh Assign properties Export solver desk (Abaqus) into *.inp INP Abaqus is ascii format file. So you can check directly your nodes/elements within this file.
  19. Here's a very simple TCL script: set coordinates { 0 0 0 \ 0.1143 0 0 \ 0.1143 0.1905 0 \ 0.3048 0.1905 0 \ 0.3048 0.3048 0 \ 0 0.3048 0 \ 0 0 0.381 \ 0.1143 0 0.381 \ 0.3048 0 0.381 \ 0.3048 0.1905 0.381 } foreach {x y z} $coordinates { *createnode $x $y $z 0 0 0; }
  20. Tool => edges => Select elements => "preview equiv"
  21. From Inspire web page: https://solidthinking.com/product/inspire/
  22. Do you use Student release? If yes, it's normal with Catia V5. But you can import CAD with STEP format. Even with commercial release, you have to buy addtionnal licence for Catia V5 CAD importation.
  23. With only some pictures, I don't think somebody can help.
  24. Maybe in the future you can work without issue with your Ubuntu, but NOT now
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