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  1. Define inlet, outlet & wall on imported STL. One component for each part Your 2D mesh should be closed 3D => CFD tetramesh There're some tutorials in Hypermesh installation.
  2. Here's my solution: HM model: ActuatorClevislatticescbeams.hm HTH,
  3. You're speaking about "geometry" but your .FEM has not. Share your HM.
  4. I don't like this "Programming-Language-War" subject
  5. TCL & Python are both good programming languages. So why not TCL? If you like Python, go for Simulia Abaqus
  6. Your account manager does not know. Mine neither. But Mr @Imoto knows and he does not want to talk about
  7. Do you have any release date of Hypermesh 2019 yet?
  8. You have to refine your mesh in "critical" area to better get stress results. But you can not refine the mesh to infinitely, because we're in "Finite world". So, as many other thing in real life, you have to found your compromise. And you say "with size of 1mm, I'm satisfied my results, so I stop here".
  9. I don't know about Radioss. But for almost FE software, like Ansys, Abaqus, Nastran, Samcef,... Intel Hyperthreading feature don't give advantage. Every computing server should disable HT in BIOS. That's the way we do for all server of GDTech.
  10. When you refine the mesh, you got bigger stress, that's normal. Have a look at: https://www.nafems.org/join/resources/knowledgebase/001/ https://www.comsol.com/multiphysics/mesh-refinement https://caeai.com/blog/how-do-i-know-if-my-mesh-good-enough
  11. Nothing is EXACT in Numerical Simulation world.
  12. If the standard command is not suitable for you, write yourself! Here's my script: set elem_size 5; set elem_type 61; *createmarkpanel lines 1 "Select Lines" set lines [hm_getmark lines 1] *linemesh_preparedata1 lines 1 0 $elem_type; set i 0; foreach line_id $lines { set len [hm_linelength $line_id] set num [expr int($len / $elem_size)] *linemesh_saveparameters $i $num 0 0; incr i; } *linemesh_savedata1 1 $elem_type 0 0; *clearmark lines 1;
  13. For CAD format, you can export to STEP, IGES or Parasolid.
  14. Normally, the executable "hmopengl.exe" is in ../hm/... not ../hw/..
  15. FE entities (nodes, elements,...) are NOT CAD entities, so you can not export into CAD output format (like STEP or IGES). You have to convert FE entities into CAD entities (lines, surfaces,...) for IGES/STEP exportation.
  16. Instead of using of 4xformat, I write always: puts $output_file [format "%8i %.12e %.12e %.12e" $nodeid $x $y $z]
  17. No STEP nor IGES support layer feature.
  18. In fact, I used "manual correction" sometime on 2D mesh before make 3D TET mesh. Localize the "bad" area and try to simplify the geometry.
  19. Simplify & make correction on your geometry Change (decrease) the size of TET mesh
  20. Check quality of 2D before making 3D Remesh with smaller size Manual correction
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