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  1. in this tutorial, when to set up a fit approach,it require two matrix,one for input,and another for validation, why do this? and when to select the fit mode, the help only says to set the appropriate method, I do not understand this point. whether need I to select the fit method for each above matrix separately? at this point, I think it could not be like that,because the two matrix is in one fit process except we build two fit approachs. for this step, I am frustrated. wish to get some help, thanks in advance! CAE lover
  2. hi! how to calculate the equivalent static loads manually? now i have a lsdyna model, I want to apply this method! could you offer some advices?
  3. how to calculate the equivalent static loads manually according to the dynamic analysis? thanks!
  4. I have looked the help, as it mentions the principle. now, if only need to extract the equivalence load from the dynamic analysis, can we do so,and how to do it? thanks!!
  5. hi,Rahul R Which version of Hyperworks do the example 51 locates? thanks!
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