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  1. loveCAE liked a post in a topic by Rahul R in ESLM OPTIMIZATION FOR A CRASH MODEL   
    Version 14.0 is latest version.Attached screenshot for release notes.

  2. loveCAE liked a post in a topic by Mick_Mallow in ESLM OPTIMIZATION FOR A CRASH MODEL   
    I want to optimize my small sample model of hexas just to test the optimization and the esl method.I wan to use 4 static loadcases and one crash case for the optimization.
    I have finished with the 4 static loadcases but i have an issue with the crash case.
    I have created the model in optistruct and i dont know how to finish the setup of that case.
    More over i cant understand how the Radioss is executed in optistruct optimization for the expdyn?
    can you please answer that questions ?I  am trying for more than 2-3 weeks...
    Thank in advance Mick Mallow
  3. loveCAE liked a post in a topic by Rahul Ponginan in Some questions regarding ESLM   
    I am very much interested in the recently introduced equivalent static load method in Optistruct. I read in the manual that optimization of an explicit dynamic problem is possible.
    I would like to optimize an explicit dynamic metal forming problem (until now calculated in Radioss) with nonlinearities in geometry, material and contact.
    Using Optistruct I would like to implement a free shape optimization and allow the tool’s nodes to be moved. The optimization response should be an external calculated best fit value. And so the optimization algorithm will change the tool shape until the target performance comparison of the metal sheet is in an appropriate range.
    1. Do you think that is possible?
    2. Are there examples concerning metalforming/ESLM with HW?
    3. Are external Responses allowed with ESLM if not are there alternatives to minimize the deviation between a deformed sheet shape and the desired final result?
  4. loveCAE liked a post in a topic by tinh in Start Solver Run with graphical Interface   
    [hm_info -appinfo SPECIFIEDPATH wish]  ==> return path of wish.exe program, so exec will start this program
    [file join [hm_info -appinfo ALTAIR_HOME] hwsolvers scripts hwsolver.tcl]   ==> return path of hwsolver.tcl, so wish.exe will source this tcl file
    -solver OS -screen {your_input_file_path.fem} ==> args of hwsolver.tcl script, so procs inside this script will know which fem file to pass to optistruct.bat for analysis
    example: {your_input_file_path.fem}  :
  5. loveCAE liked a post in a topic by tinh in Using TWAPI for Writing Data to Excel   
    there is document of using twapi. you can search it on google
    for excel COM, perhaps you should look at MSDN
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