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  1. Hi Tinh, where could I find a reference guide to learn how to use the commands? Thanks, Enrico
  2. Hi All, I have to select a surface, but I can't use the surface ID. is there a way to select a surface that is X mm far from a specific point? Where can I found a manual or a reference guide for the tcl language? Thanks, Enrico
  3. Hi All, I have to print in a txt file the value of the maximum von mises stress over the entire model, without opening HyperView Is there any available routine to find the maximum? Thanks, Enrico
  4. Hi All, I have to run in batch mode a tcl file, in which a meshing process is recorded. Is there a guide or some tutorials? The tcl is perfectly working if i run it from Hypermesh, but it doesn't if I use hmbatch.exe Thanks, Enrico
  5. Hi All, I’m working on the structural design of an orthogrid cylinder. I’d like to perform a DOE, in order to assess the optimum number of ring stiffeners. Is there a way to do that with HyperStudy or HyperMorph? Is it possible to automate the process, linking a parametric CAD model in Solidworks to Optistruct? Thank you for your time Enrico
  6. Hi All, I need to apply periodic boundary conditions in a simulation. My goal is finding the equivalent Elastic modulus of a unit cell for lattice structures. I've found that in Optistruct it is possible to use PERBC and RELOC, but I cannot find any documentation, except for the reference guide, that is not so clear. Could you please help me? Enrico
  7. Thank you very much. Could I ask for some suggestions? I'm modeling one unit cell of an infinite tassellation (such as lattice structures); the objective is to find the stiffness of the cell, simulating different loadcases. So, I need to use PBC on the single unit. In your opinion, what type of perbc best fits my case? I was thinking about mirror. Thanks, Enrico
  8. Hi Prakash, could you please share the .fem files, I cannot find them in the install directory. Thank you very much, Enrico
  9. Hi All, I'm performing a linear static analysis on a component made of cbar elements only (attacched). I need to print in a file (.strs or .punch or others) the Normal, Shear and Von Mises Stresses in the most critical elements. Using the output > stress, I obtain 9 columns, but I can not find what they are. Thanks, Enrico Bcompr2_bcc_u5_r02_F.fem
  10. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, is it possible to do the same in Radioss? I cannot find the option Enrico
  11. Hi, I would like to include a non linear material law in a static analysis, but it looks hard to find tutorials or detailed examples. Could you help me please? Thank you so much, Enrico
  12. Hi Prakash, I've another question about CTAXI elements. In my analyses, I have to use a non-linear material model. However, when I run the simulation, in the .out file I read: *** WARNING # 1916 Nonlinear material(s) defined, but no elements appropriate to use them. Could you help me, please? Thanks, Enrico
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