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  1. Hello, i'm using Abaqus to simulate but i want to use Hyperview to do the PreProcessing, since it looks more comfortable to use to me. I already imported the .odb-File to Hyperview and everything works fine except for the Boundry Conditions and my Analytical Rigid Bodies. I did a three point bending test and for visualisation i want to see the Rigid bodies in hyperview, too. I'm using Hyperworks 14 and Abaqus 2016. Any suggestions? Thanks and best Regards
  2. thanks for the reply. I'm pretty new to inspire and FEM and testing something out for my thesis work. i don't really know what you mean. Here's a screenshot. Maybe you mean different faces? http://imgur.com/WCsWAA6 Here's a picture of what i try to do. Maybe inspire is not the right solution and i should go with another programm? http://imgur.com/X5wlOMu
  3. Hello everybody, i'm trying to deform a flexible hinge with the enforced displacement. The Problem is, i only can apply a displacement in a single direction but i want to fold the hinge. Here is a picture of a flexible hinge http://www.creativeplasticsllc.com/assets/content/Extrusions/Extrusion%20Special/ES-HINGE-SP.JPG. I know the deformation but i dont know the stress or force. Maybe someone can help? Thanks in advance.
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