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  1. no other Option? Can I change the lines in the include file for my Version?
  2. Hi, i am working in Hypermesh with Abaqus Standard 3D Template. I try to import a Input file with a reference to a include file with coordinate systems. Incule File looks like: **HMNAME SYSTEMCOL Orient1, 1, 3 *ORIENTATION, NAME = Orient1, DEFINITION = NODES, SYSTEM = RECTANGULAR 3, 1, 2 3,-45.0 I get the following warning: Warning: *ORIENTATION card with DEFINITION= OFFSET TO NODES is not supported in Hypermesh-ABAQUS Resolution: This card would not have read in correctly into Hypermesh. My Question: How can I change the Orientation defintion to get it work in Hypermesh without loosing information about the systems? Thank you.
  3. Thank you, it works. It is possible to set the orintation along a curve? I cannot find the option in HM13.
  4. Hi, how can I set the material orientation of the 2d elements along the circumferential direction of this ring profile? picture attached. thank you, arh423
  5. So this works in Optistruct User Profile but not in Abaqus User Profile because in the bars panel the option for changing the offset is missing. Any idea?
  6. Hey, when connecting my Beam Section(created with Hyperbeam) to my 1d elements the shear center of my profil is aligned on the origin of my 1D Element. Is there any option to choose an other axis of the profil to align on the element origin? Thank you.
  7. Hello, I want to load a .mvw preference file in HyperView to run a tcl plugin in Expression Builder. With Dropdown Menu(Load -> Preference File) I registered my mvw file but loading fails. So I clicked on loading but when I open the Preference File Menu again still HyperWorks(default) file is loaded. Any ideas?
  8. Any disatvantages using Radioss? (Apart from learning new modell buildup) How can I still use the Optisctruct Optimization Tools - Mabye run a Optistruct Optimization and then use the "Optistruct to Radioss Conversion" to see puck failure? Or any better way?
  9. Hello, I want to make a static analysis of a composite part, so far I used Hypermesh/Hyperview with Optistruct Solver and Tsai Wu Failure Criterion for my parts. Now I want to use Puck Failure Criterion in my analysis, is it possible to use Puck Failure in Optistruct Solver?
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