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  1. Hello, Thank you for your quick response. Can you provide some more Information on how to run several studies batchwise? This is exactly what I was asking for. Wich settings are required to achieve the workflow mentioned above? Best regards, Felix
  2. Hello, I have prepared several independant Optimization studies based on the same model, each of them takes 2 to 3 hours to complete the maximum of 400 iteration cycles. Is there a possibility to evaluate each task consecutively by using one command? I would like to avoid to start the evaluation of each task seperately, in order to run all tasks overnight. The Optimizations are fully prepared and only require to be started by hitting the "Evaluate Task" button. See the attached screenshot for further Info. Thanks for your suggestions in advance! Cheers, Felix
  3. Hello Rahul, I forgot mentioning that i am of course using a GRSM since we have to expect several local minima. Thank you for alluding to this implication. Your approach using dummy variables helped to increase the efficiency of the optimization, although it is not exactly what i was hoping to find. Cheers, Felix
  4. Hello, I'm searching for an easy way to implement the following constraint for a group of design variables in an optimization study within the Hyperstudy interface. Let's assume we have the variables A, B, and C wich should be varied within the following ranges: A: Lower Bound: 0, Upper Bound: 1, Initial Value: 0.33 B: Lower Bound: 0, Upper Bound: 1, Initial Value: 0.33 C: Lower Bound: 0, Upper Bound: 1, Initial Value: 0.33 Whereas the general constraint A+B+C<=1 musn't be violated. My approach using the function "Link Variables" did not lead to an appropriate result. I would like to avoid a redefinition of the parameters within the solver input file (i.e. by A = A/(A+B+C), in consideration of the explicit assignment between the parameters defined by Hyperstudy and the "real" parameters used within the solver. Does anybody know of an convenient way to implement the constraints as described? Thank you for your efforts in advance. Cheers, Felix
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