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  1. Hello, I have problem with defining loading in fatigue analysis. By default 1 value in Excell table equals 1 second, am I right? For example: 0, 1, 0, -1, 0 means that 1 cycle is done in 4 seconds. How about higher frequencies? How to define load history to have more cycles in 1 second? Thanks for help
  2. Hello, I am doing Fatigue Analysis in process manager according to tutorial RD-2070 and I have some questions about load history because this is not explained 1) I am not sure about importing file from .txt using notepad: Is this correct formula: 0 1 0 -1 0 Will this loop correctly? or should I delete last "0"? There is no need to input how many cycles we want? HyperMesh automaticly do infinity number of cycles or can i stop analysis after 200000 cycles? In Loading Definition there is window : "Number of repeat"? What is that? 2) In default option each number refers to 1 second. Is it possible to change frequency? I need 10 Hz for example Thanks for respones
  3. Unfortunately I tried this, but in my case it doesn't matter if I choose midsurface or external surface. Profiles don't target perfectly each other. There is smaller gap but anyway it is. So please reply on my previous question question about joining (welding) (photo2) 3 profiles side to side. Keep this gap and join elements in mesh on edges or any other idea?
  4. But I was sure HyperMesh only allow to input thickness of element on both sides of element so I need to midsurface. Or there is possibility to give one side thickness? If yes, how to easy extract external faces?
  5. Thanks Rahul for reply. I attached .hm file with my model. Some of profiles were easy extendable when they had the same width. But when the horizontal one is wider than the vertical (photo1) I can't do this. How can I adjust that dimension? Photo 2: Is it necessary to join these 3 profiles in geometry? Or can I mesh them separately and join using for example RBE elements? Photo 3: How to cut this sharp edge to remove fillet? What is the easiest way? Please reply and thank you for your time frame model.hm
  6. Hello I have a question about preparing geometry to mesh. After using midsurface there is small gap between joined profiles. 1) Before meshing I need to extend vertical element to the horizontal one to have yellow lines and to have common edge? 2) If yes, how to do it if my geometry is not perfect and side surfaces of 2 profiles and not in the same plane. How can I perfectly locate 2 surfaces to each other? In my model 1 extended surface hits target surface too far and on another side miss target because of dislocation. Help me please
  7. Hello I am first time here and I just started my adventure with meshing and FEA. I have problem with connection parts when I use midsurface (there is a gap between plates). When steel beams are intersecting each other should I just extend one of them to the other one to fill the gap? But I have no idea what to do when they stick together side by side for example by bolts or welding. The only idea I have is to join some nodes after meshing using RBE element but I am not sure. Help me. Thank you! Example photos attached
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