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  1. Hi, I tried playing with the frame rate values but still the only thin I ge is a 1 s video where I can see nothing. :/ Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am doinga calcul in Hypermesh using thecomposite resin model, ther qre no errors when I execute the solver qnd the cqlcul turns properly, however I find this messeges that I am not sure what they mean. Can you help me please? 160000 0.3571E-01 0.2303E-06 NODE 100096229 -28.9% 0.2627E+05 417.3 0.000 0.3755E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100079203 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100065193 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 18947 165000 0.3677E-01 0.2136E-06 NODE 100046689 -29.4% 0.2757E+05 354.3 0.000 0.3954E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 18631 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100065321 170000 0.3781E-01 0.2327E-06 NODE 100096229 -29.7% 0.2931E+05 480.6 0.000 0.4238E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100049157 175000 0.3885E-01 0.2036E-06 NODE 100096229 -30.0% 0.3168E+05 851.7 0.000 0.4646E+05 0.000 NEGATIVE AREA: DELETE CONNECTION SOLID ELEMENT 100086172 ANIMATION FILE: LGPC1.2_base_res_4.hfA010 WRITTEN Thanks!!
  3. Hello, I am making a sensiviliy study in Hypermesh to see which is the impact of moving one patch some mm in a process of forming composite.I am doing a resine simulation. As the plastic srain of the resin is in function of the elongation of it, I ask myself if the resin has already a pre-tension value before starting he calcul, as its nodes are already deplaced (see image attached). Thank you so much for your answer. Sincerely,
  4. I am in Hyperview, but the only thing I achieves is a 1seg video where we see nothing. How can I record all the steps, please?
  5. Hi! I would like to export the animation with the 10 steps of my simulation in .avi format. How can I do it? Thank you very much. Sincerely,
  6. If I try to do the maillage wih quads this is the error I get : 0 while executing "*elemoffset 1 1 0 0 0 8 0 [lindex $positionZPlyList $k 0] 0 $orientShellOffset 0" (procedure "MultilayersResinModelling" line 93) invoked from within "MultilayersResinModelling " (procedure "CreateInputData" line 47) invoked from within "CreateInputData" invoked from within "$itk_component(hull)-itk_hull invoke" 0 while executing "*elemoffset 1 1 0 0 0 8 0 [lindex $positionZPlyList $k 0] 0 $orientShellOffset 0" (procedure "MultilayersResinModelling" line 93) invoked from within "MultilayersResinModelling " (procedure "CreateInputData" line 47) invoked from within "CreateInputData" invoked from within "$itk_component(hull)-itk_hull invoke" while executing ".composite.labelFrameApproach.createInputButtonBox.bcreate_input invoke " invoked from within ".composite.labelFrameApproach.createInputButtonBox.bcreate_input-itk_hull instate {pressed !disabled} { .composite.labelFrameApproach.createInputButto..." ("uplevel" body line 1) invoked from within "uplevel $itk_component(hull)-itk_hull instate $args" (object "::.composite.labelFrameApproach.createInputButtonBox.bcreate_input" method "::hwtk::interface::HWIWidget::instate" body line 2) invoked from within ".composite.labelFrameApproach.createInputButtonBox.bcreate_input instate {pressed !disabled} { .composite.labelFrameApproach.createInputButtonBox.bcre..." (command bound to event)
  7. Hi ! I have a problem meshing my geometry with quads, so I did it with triangles. I am doing a simualtion of composie forming and to modelate the resine behaviour i use MAT/LAW59... when i execute the calcul, it stops without erros but with this warning: ** WARNING IN INTERFACE DESCRIPTION : -- INTERFACE ID : 13 -- INTERFACE TITLE : Punch-Blank Contact DEPTH 0.5000000000000 IS BIGGER THAN THE MINIMUM SIZE OF THE SLAVE SEGMENTS 0.1091826659199 IN INTERFACE ID=13; PERFOMANCES MAY BE AFFECTED POSSIBLE IMPACT NUMBER: 0 (<= 1 *NSN) I looked to the information sheet of the MAT/LAW59 and read that law is only conpatible with 8-noded hexadedron elements (/BRICK)... so I supposed that the problem may come the mon maillage with triangles. Can you tell me if I am right in my supposiions? anf which material law could I utilise to modelise 6-noded triedral elements? Thank you very much!
  8. thank you. it would be easier but it is a confidential simulation that I am not allowed to share. you helped me a lot.
  9. i am trying as you told me but now the plis move in the Y direction. it is not a problem that when I define the courbe I give values to X and Y and then I say the gravity mouvement is in Z?
  10. I have a curve like that already defined. but my gavity is in axe Z. do i have to still put -1 in the Y scale? and in the x scale I leave the value of 1, isn't it? Thank you very much for the help
  11. SO I have to re-write the value of the gravity (9810) in the curve function and also in the scale x and y ? it w'ont be a double graviy effect?
  12. in the screenshot below, I wrote in the curve in the values of Y -9810, and int he X and Y scale factors also, but I get the rows in the positive direcion of Z and I want then in he negative direction. What am I doing bad?
  13. Thanks. I am going to try this. In the Curve ID, what do I have to put if I want the gravity to be during all the simulation? in the values of X the time peiod and in the values of Y, 1 or 9810 ? I mean, I don't know if the function already takes ino account the gravity value or I have to re-write it.
  14. Hi! I am using the RadiossBlock (Block140) in Hypermesh for a forming simulation and I want it to consider the force gavitational, can you please help me? I already read the tutorials in the page, but I think they are not based in the same Block that I am using, but in he Abaqus (Standad3D) block. Thank you very much in avance.
  15. Thanks. I know why I didn't find it. Because I am using the RadiossBlock (Block140) and your screenshoot is fom the Abaqus (Standard3D) isn't it?
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