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  1. Hello, SimLab shows only averaged node values of the topology optimization result. Is it possible to see the element values without averaging? And SimLab shows only the outer surface of the optimized structure, is there any possibility to show the whole structure? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, topology optimization with simlab and import the h3d-result file works. With the contour->set transparency i set the ISO value. Now i would like to export the optimized geometrie. Is it possible to do that in simlab? Thank you
  3. Rahul, a additional question. You said Simlab supports post processing of Topology Optimization results. I try this but with no success. I have set up a topology optimization in SimLab, afterwards I export it and start optistruct. Then i tried to import the h3d_des result in Simlab. Simlab shows the model, but no results. where is the bug? Thank you
  4. Rahul, Vp_init.bat as requested: @ECHO OFF if defined STS_INIT_DONE goto :EOF set STS_INIT_DONE=TRUE REM ****************** REM CAE - Application REM ****************** if not defined CAE_HOME set CAE_HOME=%~pd0 set PATH=%CAE_HOME%;%PATH% REM ********************* REM Unity Variables REM ********************* set HW_PLATFORM=win64 set ALTAIR_HOME=%CAE_HOME:~0,-10% set HW_ROOTDIR=%ALTAIR_HOME% set HW_UNITY_ROOTDIR=%HW_ROOTDIR%\unity set PATH=%PATH%;%HW_UNITY_ROOTDIR%\bin\%HW_PLATFORM%; REM *************************** REM SimLab specific parameters REM *************************** set VP_SCRATCH_DIR=%TEMP%\SimLab\SimLab 14.0 64-Bit\Temp if not exist "%VP_SCRATCH_DIR%" mkdir "%VP_SCRATCH_DIR%" REM ****************************** REM SimLab Project File Directory REM ****************************** set STS_PROJECT_LOC=%TEMP%\SimLab\SimLab 14.0 64-Bit\ProjectDir if not exist "%STS_PROJECT_LOC%" mkdir "%STS_PROJECT_LOC%" REM ******************* REM SimLab License Path REM ******************* if not defined ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH set ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH=%CAE_HOME:~0,-23%\security\altair_lic.dat REM ***************** REM Parasolid Import REM ***************** set PATH=%CAE_HOME%\parasolid;%PATH% set P_SCHEMA=%CAE_HOME%\parasolid/Schema REM ************* REM Step Import REM ************* set PATH=%CAE_HOME%\step;%PATH% REM *************** REM CAD Translator REM *************** set PATH=%CAE_HOME%\sl_cad_translator;%PATH% REM ***************** REM ProE Install Path REM ***************** SET VP_PROE_HOME_DIR=%CAE_HOME%\proe\wildfire3.0 set VP_PROE_CMD_DIR= set VP_PROE_CMD= set PATH=%VP_PROE_CMD_DIR%;%VP_PROE_HOME_DIR%;%PATH% set VP_PRO_PAUSE=0 REM ****************** REM Catia Install Path REM ****************** set SL_CATIA_INSTALL_DIR= set PATH=%SL_CATIA_INSTALL_DIR%\win_b64\code\bin;%SL_CATIA_INSTALL_DIR%\win_b64\code\command;%PATH% REM ******************** REM CATIA Step Approach REM ******************** set CATIA_SCRATCH_DIR=%CAE_HOME%\Temp\Catia set CATIA_CMD=catia.bat set PATH=%CATIA_SCRATCH_DIR%;%PATH% REM ******************* REM CATIA Direct Access REM ******************* set SL_CADNEXUS_DIR=%CAE_HOME%\cadnexus\CAPRI set CATEnvCAPRI= set PATH=%CAE_HOME%\cadnexus\3.20;%SL_CADNEXUS_DIR%\lib;%PATH% REM ************************** REM CATIA Variables for SimLab REM ************************** set IMPORT_CATIA_PUBLICATIONS=TRUE set SIMLAB_READ_CATIA_PART_NUMBER=FALSE set SIMLAB_RESET_CATIA_FACE_COLOR=FALSE REM ************ REM UG Import REM ************ set SL_UG_INSTALL_DIR= set PATH=%SL_UG_INSTALL_DIR%;%PATH% REM ******************** REM JT Import Parasolid REM ******************** set PATH=%CAE_HOME%\jtopen;%PATH% REM ******************** REM Parasolid Translator REM ******************** set PATH=%CAE_HOME%\parasolidtranslator;%PATH% REM *********************************** REM UG Attribute ug-open=1 cadnexus=2 REM *********************************** set SL_ATTRIBUTE_READ=0 REM ******************** REM H3D Reader REM ******************** set PATH=%PATH%;%CAE_HOME%\HW_HM\HW-13.0.110\io\result_readers\bin\win64 REM ********************************* REM Clean up Older Version Help Docs REM ********************************* if exist "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Trolltech" rmdir/s /q "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Trolltech" REM ********************************* REM It Creates element fast REM ********************************* SET STS_FAST_CREATE_ELEM=TRUE REM ****************************** REM SimLab UI Related Variables REM ****************************** set UNITY_SL_PROJECT=1 set SHOWORHIDE_DESELECT=0 set UPDATEGRAPHICS_FLAGBASED=1 set SL_DIALOG_VALUES_PRESERVE=true set UNITY_SELECTION=1 set BROWSER_BLUE_TEXT=1 set UNITY_DIALOG_ANIMATION=0 set SL_SAVE_SESSIONFILE_IN_DISC=true if not defined SL_ENABLE_SCRIPT SET SL_ENABLE_SCRIPT=1 REM set SL_EXPORT_ABAQUS_QUALITY_FAILED_ELEMENTS=TRUE REM set SL_FLUENT_INTERFACE_GROUP_METHOD=TRUE set SESSION_TESTING_COMPARE=false REM set STS_N_KGF_UNIT_CONVERT=FALSE set SKIPUPDATES_CALLBACK=TRUE set ENTITYDISPLAY_IN_LINEEDIT=20 set SL_SHOW_AUTOMATION_SESSION=false SET SL_START_CMD="%HW_UNITY_ROOTDIR%\bin\%HW_PLATFORM%\hwx.exe" SET SL_START_CMD_ARG=-sf plugins\simlab\resources\exec_icons\splash.jpg -v SimLab_V14.0 -client simlab CALL "%CAE_HOME%\STS_solver_setup.bat"
  5. Rahul, thank you for you replay. I still have a problem with the import. Can you tell me how to import the optimization results in simlab. Is it possible to set the density ISO in simlab? This is the simlab.bat: @ECHO OFF REM ************************ REM SimLab License file REM ************************ REM set ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH= set CAE_HOME=%~pd0 call "%CAE_HOME%\vp_init.bat" start "" /B %SL_START_CMD% %SL_START_CMD_ARG% %*
  6. Hello, three questions about the topology optimization with simlab: 1) does simlab support postprocessing topology optimization results? 2) I cant find any manufacturing constraints, like mindim in simlab? are they not available? 3) I set up a topology optimization in simlab. it works fine but i cant start the optimization directly from simlab. why the function is not activated? (see pic) Thank you
  7. I mean a plugin which allows to send data from the CAD directly to the hypermesh
  8. I mean a direct Connection between CAD and hypermesh?
  9. Hi, has hypermesh a cad interface? if so, to which cad systems? Thank you
  10. Hi, is there any posibility to read Abaqus 2016 ODB result files in Hyperview? Thank you
  11. I dont understand why it the displacement is negativ. My Model is like a simple beam in bending. I have a force in positive direction. So i think the displacement is always positive, too. Is that right? thank you
  12. Hello, is there any pdm interface for hypermesh available? Teamcenter, Windchill and so on.. If so, what systems are supported. Thank you Regards Andreas
  13. Hi Prakash Pagadala, have you found a Script to solve my Problem? Thank you Andreas
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