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  1. Dear All, Please solve this error as early as posiible. Need it argent. ARNING ID : 343 ** WARNING : INITIAL PENETRATIONS IN INTERFACE .. RIGID WALLS .. RIGID BODIES .. ELEMENT BUFFER INITIALIZATION .. GEOMETRY PLOT FILE .. PARALLEL RESTART FILES GENERATION TERMINATION WITH WARNING i have attached .0000 rad file 1.0_0000.rad
  2. hi sir, thanks for sending link to me . I am solving gear model by using motionview. In this i need to confirm that when we apply motion to gear then what is linear velocity is actually? my pinion rotates at about 5000 rpm.so what value should i use. i used v=r*2*PI*n/60 formula to calculate linear speed. is it correct? because in my results value of force is too much.
  3. in the dconstrain step, i tried to select load step but it shows msg that load step is no compatible with the response. I don't understand what is problem?
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