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  1. thanks for you help Rahul i have added the full xml path in MATLAB but the same error appears everytime... what should i do?
  2. Hello all i use HW14.0 and set up the "Co-simulation with Simulink" from tutorial MV-7002 , but it just didn't work. An error appeared on Simulink: "Input XML FILES not accessible!" i have set the environment-variablen...but it didn't run who has clue? Thank you !! XML-File run well then i set NUSOL_DIR_DLL, PATH and RADFLEX_PATH and matlab PATH read MDL-File set s-funktion name, parameter according to totorial then run simulink, but Error reported by S-Funktion"mscosim" in "BusSuspension/S-Funktion" "Input XML FILES not accessible!"
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