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  1. apallaprolu liked a post in a topic by reinerh in Material Database Excel Sheet   
    for the 2020 release the corresponding material sheet is in Example-A03-Database_Materials.zip which is located under:
    C:\Program Files\Altair\2020\help\winprop\examples\ExampleGuide_models
    for the 2019 release the corresponding material sheet is in 05_Database_Materials.zip which is located under:
    C:\Program Files\Altair\2019\help\winprop\examples\
  2. AAU liked a post in a topic by reinerh in time-variant scenarios in winprop api   
    using 2019.2 and defining the time instance in the attribute TimeInstance of the class WinProp_Additional we are getting different results for different time instances, i.e. when loading the results in ProMan GUI, both the object and the related shadowing area is moving.
    Please find attached a corresponding ProMan GUI project with a simple moving box, where the same results can be achieved by using the WinProp API. I was adaping the APIExampleCPPIndoorPropagation and setting the time instance to 0s and 1s.
  3. AAU liked a post in a topic by reinerh in RSS Values   
    depending on the option selected under the ray tracing settings either the power contributions of the individual rays are added or the phase is considered (coherent superposition):

    Results from different transmitters can be also combined in  ProMan by loading the first result (.fpp file) and then superpose the second result file .fpp via Edit => Add Data.
    Please have a look in the WinProp user manual.
  4. mmiko991 liked a post in a topic by reinerh in 5G set up   
    please use the attached .wst file for the definition of 5G TDD network planning projects in ProMan for frequency range FR2.
    5G TDD n257 100MHz.wst
  5. AAU liked a post in a topic by reinerh in Changing Scenario Conditions   
    the WinProp results are generally deterministic and consider the defined environment, so the results are also reproducible, i.e. if you run the simulation twice you will get two times the same results. The radio channel is generally subject to slow and fast fading. The slow fading represents the average signal levels, e.g. if you are behing a wall you get on average a lower signal level because of the shadowing due to the wall. The fast fading represents the "random" fluctuations due to changes of the phases for the individual propagation paths (rays) which are then either superposed contstructively or destructively at the receiver antenna. The fast fading can be reproduced in WinProp by using the standard ray tracing and activate the coherent superposition under the ray tracing settings. Then you will see the "random" fluctutaions of the signal level over short distances. Nevertheless also in this case the results are reproducible, but you might change the transmitter position slightly or analyze the signal levels at different receiver positions to see the fast fading and the random impact.
  6. AAU liked a post in a topic by reinerh in Extracting prediction plane images   
    the results on prediction planes can be exported to the ASCII line format via File => Export => Export Data (Planes), such ASCII files can be visualized in other software tools.
    In ProMan the results on (arbitrary oriented) prediction planes are only shown in the 3D view, here you can define by zooming etc. a nice view so that the prediction plane is fully visible and then save this view using the "Store" button on the upper right. For the next result (e.g. after having changed the project settings and rerun the simulation) you can then switch to the same view from the "Camera" drop down list in the upper right.
    Furthermore you can use the button "Save View to Image" to save the picture as .bmp, .jpg, or .png.
    All these buttons are only shown in the 3D view.
  7. Sulaiman liked a post in a topic by reinerh in MIMO Postprocessing   
    No the coupling between the antennas is not considered, i.e. the MIMO performance is analyzed evaluating the correlation of the antennas due to the radio channel (multipath situation).
  8. astalavista liked a post in a topic by reinerh in How to load multiple maps into ProMan & simulation only in defined points   
    First you need to convert every .hgt file into the .tdb format. Then there is the following way to combine multiple topo files in ProMan which can then be used for simulations:
    Load the first *.tdb file in ProMan and combine the second *.tdb file via Edit => Combine Data => Max Value Fill the undefined pixels using Edit => Modify Data in Area => Interpolate Data Save the resulting topo data into a new *.tdb file via Data => Topo Database => Save As For rural scenarios the predictions can be also done for individual Rx points (under the simulation tab you can enter the points). If the maps are in metrical UTM coordinates you need to convert first long/lat to UTM (in ProMan under Data => Convert Coordinate Datum).
  9. Sulaiman liked a post in a topic by reinerh in Optimization in WinProp   
    The optimization of the radio network i.e. selection of the required subset from the set of predefined transmitters to fulfill some coverage targets (e.g. Rx power level) is possible in the OptMan tool. Please see the attached application note.
    For the implementtation of your own optimization algorithm you would need to call the WinProp API (which is included in the 2018 installer together with the WinProp API manual and some sample projects under MS Visual Studio) for running the coverage prediction for each transmitter. Then you can process the computed results (given in the API data structures) based on your own optimization algorithm.
  10. Sulaiman liked a post in a topic by reinerh in Antenna Pattern from CST to WinProp   
    CST can export the antenna pattern in the WinProp ASCII .apa format.
  11. apere669 liked a post in a topic by reinerh in Is it possible to define users and determine their connectivity??   
    Yes, this is possible in WinProp using the ProMan tool.
    ProMan allows to define multiple Tx antennas in a network planning project based on the selection of an wireless air interface definition (wst file) at the project definition.
    After the wave propagation simulation for the individual Tx antennas using RunPro, in the network planning simulation using RunNet the best server assignment is done, so you will clearly see which area is covered by which transmitter. Typically the results are computed area wide, representing the "what if" situation if there would be a user placed at any location in the defined simulation area.
    Please see the ProMan user manual under ProMan => Working with Projects (network planning) for further details.
  12. Umarrr liked a post in a topic by reinerh in Simulating channel characteristics with directional beams from antenna arrays   
    in WinProp you can simulate the channel characteristics including an arbitrary antenna pattern, also at mm waves.
    However the beam steering is not simulated, i.e. you would need to create the "typical" antenna patterns resulting from the beam steering outside WinProp and then use them in WinProp for simulating the channel characteristics.
  13. Balaji Viswanadh G liked a post in a topic by reinerh in Process reports or Run logs   
    the logfile output in ProMan can be activated under Settings => Global Settings => Computation tab.
    The information includes start and end time, but no information about the used RAM.
    The memory requirement depends typically on the size of the used scenario database (idb/idi/odb(oib/tdb).
    Especially in case of using preprocessed IRT databases (idi/oib) for indoor/urban scenarios the memory usage can get quite high.
    Here it is recommended to provide RAM size with more than factor 2 compared to the idi/oib file size.
    Otherwise the computation times will get very long because of swapping.
  14. Edomuta liked a post in a topic by reinerh in Separating indoor and outdoor pixels   
    Generally the indoor and outdoor pixels can be separated using a mask file (which is a WinProp binary result file including the value 1 for those locations/pixel which shall be considered and the value 0 for those locations/pixels which shall be skipt). For urban scenarios such a mask file can be generated at the preprocessing in WallMan. For this purpose you need to activate under the General tab of the urban prerpocessing parameters under the optional output files the morpho clutter data with height interval of e.g. 1000m (should be larger than the highest building). Then during the preprocessing an *.mdb file in the defined resolution will be generated with the value 1 for the indoor pixels and the value 0 for the outdoor pixels.
    Then just rename this *.mdb file to *.mas and use it for the masking in ProMan by loading e.g. an *.fpp result file and then select Edit => Mask Data => Mask Result file. After this only the indoor pixels will remain in the result.
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