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  1. Hi Deb, In your script, just before calling hw.exe, you should unset ( = set to empty) the variable ALTAIR_HOME . Franck
  2. "info" , used in this command : [x,fval,info] = fzero(x_zeros, [xstart xend]); was added in version 2019. To run the script in earlier version, remove it : [x,fval] = fzero(x_zeros, [xstart xend]); and of course remove the test starting with "if info ==1"
  3. Hi Berker, Some Python modules require Visual Studio. Pandas seem to be one of them. It looks like you installed the SDK. But I think you need Visual Studio and the SDK. Actually, the command set VS100COMNTOOLS=%VS140COMNTOOLS% or set VS100COMNTOOLS=%VS120COMNTOOLS% is a way to tell Python/Pandas which compiler you have on your machine. VSXXXCOMNTOOLS is a variable created by Visual Studio when you install Visual. If you install Visual Studio 2013, the variable VS120COMNTOOLS will be created for you. If you install Visual Studio 2015, the variable VS140COMNTOOLS will be created for you. Pandas is looking for VS 10.0 and so you need to point VS100COMNTOOLS to the actual Visual Studio compiler you will decide to install.
  4. Hi Berker, Actually in your screenshot 'bb3' python did not succeed to install Pandas. To get a recent (or the latest) pandas, you often need to updgrade other modules to satisfy some dependencies. I just performed, starting from scratch, the following steps : 1) open an MSDOS prompt (command window) as administrator 2) change directory to the python/python3.4/win64 folder in the Compose 2019 installation 3) run the following commands, one after the other : set VS100COMNTOOLS=%VS140COMNTOOLS% python -m pip install --upgrade pip python -m pip install --upgrade numpy python -m pip install --upgrade scipy python -m pip install pandas The first update will updgrade pip The next two will update numpy and scipy (requirements for pandas - indeed the error in your screenshot bb3 seems related to numpy) The last one is the actual installation of pandas. In my case it installed version 0.22 (since it was cached on my computer from an earlier download). 4) Now, on the python side, we have successfull installed pandas 5) Start Compose and, in the python command window, you can do import pandas as pd Thanks, Franck
  5. Hello Berker, I recommend the following steps to fix the commands you mentioned : 1) open a command window (MSDOS prompt) 2) type this command : set VS100COMNTOOLS=%VS120COMNTOOLS% 3) now go to the Python installation folder : cd C:\Program Files\Altair\2019\Compose2019\common\python\python3.4\win64 4) now install pandas using pip with this command : python.exe -m pip install pandas The step 2 is optional (needed if your package requires Visual Studio compiler) and - if required - used to point to your compiler. Using %VS120COMNTOOLS% assumes you are using VS 2013. Hope this helps, F.
  6. omlstatistics is one of the toolboxes loaded with Compose and it contains the statistics functions you see in the Library Browser when you start Compose.
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