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  1. Please share the details. .hm .rad .h3d files this will helpful for me.
  2. Hello Duc_Hoang, If you want to export one forming simulation result for another forming (radioss) these two video may helpful to you. Please have a look https://youtu.be/-Tpegwb-q3c https://youtu.be/zWWGKlsHmso
  3. Hello James & vigneshtamil, To add user material you have to access the material database folder C:\Program Files\Altair\14.0\hm\scripts\hyperform\automation\materialdb\materials. In that either you can write a script or can modify existing one as a copy. For complete process you can have a look on this video https://youtu.be/K8YmtRb8MTQ
  4. Hello @Pranav Hari Thanks for reply, and shearing files. But as i go for simulation it shows error as below - ROOT: Snap RESTART: 0001 NUMBER OF HMPP PROCESSES 1 MESSAGE ID : 247 ** ERROR MPI EXEC FILE SHOULD BE USED FOR MUMPS SOLVER ERROR TERMINATION ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== Plz help me to remove error. I understood many of cards used in tutorial even I also applied necessary card for implicit run, but every time got error. Hello Karthic, Thanks for shearing file but i'm looking for solution in Radioss.
  5. Hello Karthic, Did u find solution for nonlinear buckling analysis in radioss. I gone through above PDF, these are helpful to know which control card will be used in buckling analysis, but unable to perform simulation. If anyone know, please share with me. It will be much helpful.
  6. Yes of course, ERROR ID : 595 ** ERROR IN OPTION INISHE DESCRIPTION : SHELL ID=900009163 SOME FIELDS ARE MULTIPLY DEFINED This error we found because we define state file for strain and for stress also. /STATE/SHELL/STRAIN/FULL /STATE/SHELL/STRESS/FULL I deleted /STATE/SHELL/STRESS/FULL card and for each case my problem is solved.
  7. Yes but it not helpful. I think i found the solution. Very thanks for reply.
  8. Hello to all, I'm also facing froblem in /INISTA Having error as - ERROR ID : 595 ** ERROR IN OPTION INISHE DESCRIPTION : SHELL ID=900009163 SOME FIELDS ARE MULTIPLY DEFINED The problem arise when i checked on "Read initial shell data option" (As shown below image) As i know by checking on this option - initial state of element (plastic strain, stress etc.) is imported in table form, from previous simulation. If i unchecke this option - only shell element path is imported from previous data. If im wrong plz correct & reply. & plz help to remove error.
  9. Hello @Andy, Thanks for valuable information. As i understood -nt 2 unable Hyper-threading. Am i right ? Hello to all, Apart from i want to ask 1. In my PC i have 2 socket 6 core each. By simply providing -np 12 can i use all cores ? Or i need to input something else ? 2. default -nproc command also given in Hyperform module. Is it same as -np ? 3. Always i got warning as - WARNING ID : 762 ** WARNING : -nthread COMMAND LINE OPTION USED AND /SPMD CARD SET DESCRIPTION : WHEN -nthread COMMAND LINE OPTION IS USED AND NTHREAD IS SET IN /SPMD /SPMD SETTING IS IGNORED Here what is SPMD & why this warning appears ? Thanks.
  10. Hello, The R0 is defined in X direction & R90 in Y direction. Plz make sure your grain direction is along X axis. & draw direction should be Z.
  11. very much thanks again. Its big data i'll take time to read and may discuss again if any doubt.
  12. Hello, See the average Lankford coefficient R is calculated by R0 R45 & R90 (to consider plastic anisotropy) Here R0 R45 & R90 values are calculated by R = Exy/Ez along 0,45 and 90 degree (assume any one direction as 0 degree for R0 and start calculating R45 & R90 ) Exy = in plane plastic strain & Ez = strain along thickness so no matter which direction u r choosing for calculation of R, because R value not calculated by axial strain. it calculated by share strain (Exy). For more u can go through link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lankford_coefficient
  13. This help a lot. Thanks. I want to discuss further on same. As we found higher hourglass energy cause of such behavior. But in Hourglass theory i found - such higher hourglass energy (excessive deformation) found when reduced integration element are subject to bending load. 1. we don't have such high bending load. 2. However, i tried to simulate with increased integration point (N - Number of integration points through the thickness). Of course hourglass energy reduced compare to previous simulation but still it was more than the total energy of system. 3. Where i can get more detail of QEPH shells formulation (Ishell=12 or 24)
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