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  1. Hai everyone, I want to do an impulse study on a pendulum. How to do it in hyperworks ? I didn't get any tutorial. please help. Best regards, Dani
  2. Dear sir, I have tried again, i could recognize the mistake. I have completed the task. Thank you for the support. Best regards, Dani
  3. Dear George Sir, Thank you for the crash analysis part to do. I have tried this 3 wheeler motorbike crash box analysis. after the run when i did post process the box pass through the wall instead of hitting. i don't know what is the reason. I am attaching the file. please check and let me know the correction. Best regards, Dani crash_box_meshed.h3d crash_box_meshed_0000.rad
  4. Hai Sir, Thank you for the support. i get it done.
  5. hai, I am doing a tutorial taken from the Altair site which is a bird strike on aircraft wing. while i am doing i had a doubt regarding the boundary condition application. i don't know how to apply boundary condition in radioss. please help
  6. Hi Prakash, Thank you for the info Regards, Dani
  7. Actually it is confidential, so i am not allowed to share the file. sorry for it. I wanted to do linear static analysis,so i have given both ends constraint. and at the centre for an area given rbe3 connection and applied load on the rbe3. In what cases this error comes ? Please let me know. Regards, Dani
  8. Hai all, I am doing a linear static analysis by optistruct, when i try to run there show an error "fixed boundary condition in spc is not supported for linear static analysis" what will be the reason for this error? Please help me to understand the error and its solution. best regards, Dani
  9. Ok . Thank you for the information Regards, Dani
  10. Input value given Force of 350 Kg in N=3432.327.So these displacement values are in meter or in millimeter? Regards, Dani
  11. Hai, I am having a doubt of the values gettig in the result, I have attached a Displacemant contour plot image. The minimum to maximum values are based on what scale. How can we understand the values practically? Let me know Regards, Dani
  12. Thank you for this , For linear static analysis we have output force at SPC, so we have to add SPCF? For example i am doing ANALYSIS OF A COMPOSITE AIRCRAFT STRUCTURE USING PCOMPG. Its from the tutorial, and in this analysis using 4 type of control cards, SCREEN,PARAM,FORMAT, GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST. Its a symmetric structure so the half section is taken and contraint. The images i have atached is the control cards and the model. For what this four CONTROL CARDS are used here? Please let me know so that i can understand more clearly. Regards, Dani
  13. That was interesting, Thank you For every analysis should use control cards?
  14. Thank you for the support and the information you provided, But actually i am not completely understood ,maybe because all these are a type of terms and words using here. I would like to know the control cards usage with a practical example like for a component need material and for that material it has some properties so we creating properties.And also for a single analysis there using more than 2 control cards and each has some values given inside. So please help me to understand completely what control cards are. I mostly thinking everything practically so i can easily understand and explain to others too. Each step has its reason,so answer of "why" i would like to know. Regards, Dani
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