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  1. Hello , I am trying to match the experimental results of tensile tests conducted on soft tissues with the developed user material in Ls dyna FEA code. I am creating my objective function in four responses. In response 1, i am creating two vectors v_1 and v_2 which defines the experimental time and measured force and in response 2(r_2) is defined by two vectors v_3 and v_4 through a csv file created during the simulation run. In response r_1 and r_2, i am using linear interpolations operations as, for example for one of the tests, linint( v_1, v_2, 0:6.99:0.005), here 6.99 is the total time of the event, 0.005 test frequency and for response r_2 it is linint(v_3, v_4, 0:6.99:0.005), hyperstudy is not able to extract the values and showing me a warning that non-scalar values cannot be used. Response 3 is created as 100*(r_1 - r_2)/max(r_1) and response r_4 as mag(r_3)/sqrt(v_1 or v_2) as both v_1 and v_2 are of same lengths. I am running this using genetic algorithm. Though iterations are running but value of objective functions which is min(r_4) remains the same. Kindly please help me out in resolving this issues out. The pics are attached for references.
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