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  1. I have saved the file and when I'm trying to open the same file it shows that " Properties already exist in the model". And I'm getting a wired model where the Sets I have created disappears and the the properties of the mesh are not assign to the respective component ( Which it was earlier). Can you let me know what is the issue. I think I just followed the same regular format of saving and opening the file.
  2. How to model Thick shell elements in Hypermesh with Ls-Dyna Interface???
  3. How to create Thick shell elements in Hypermesh as per Ls-Dyna Interface? and when Can it be used in the analysis?
  4. Hello What are the materials we can use for Thicks Shell elements in Ls-Dyna Interface????
  5. - How to create Thick Shell element in Hypermesh with Ls-Dyna Interface? - What is the Theory behind using Thick shell elements? - When Can I use thick shells?. Can I use Thick Shells instead of Thin Shells in all the cases? - Is there any Material limitation for the Thick Shells ( say only these type of materials can be used for Thick shells) - Can we use Thick Shell elements for Crash Analysis type of Projects?
  6. I need to know how it will taken in to consideration while solving ( the theory of solving) say, I will go beyond 15 degree which I saw in some of the explicit dynamic Analysis projects, where we can go above 15 degree and it is acceptable. You said " If you go beyond this value the element quality will go down which will affect the analysis results". How it is affecting? so how the angle between those two normals effect the behavior while solving it
  7. Hello Rahul, I would like to know the thoery behind seeing the warpage in quads why it is limited to 7 to 15 degree why it can go beyond those values how the solving goes it goes more than the limit
  8. Hello Rahul, I just saw your explaination about what is warpage. I would like to know how the calculations will be for it.( theory behind it) say, Why we need to check warpage? ( what type of analysis) what if I go above the limits whatever it is 5 or 15 degree. what actually it is and how it will calculates
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