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  1. @Prakash Pagadala can you tell please. i have shared the details.
  2. As per European regulation no. ECE 14 (Safety belt anchorages test for seating system, load=13.5kN ) & SBS (Seat back strength test, Moment = 373Nm) Please refer the BCS for your reference
  3. Hello All, Can any one tell, The load which we are applying in ECE R14 for SBA i.e. 13.5KN to both the body blocks. how it is derived and for HRP case i.e. moment of 373 N-m. can anyone tell in brief? Thanks & regards, Sandeep
  4. ok Nachiket. thank you. i am not able to get opti manual in help. can you attach if you having ?
  5. ok Nachiket. thank you. i am able to get opti manual in help. can you attach if you having ?
  6. in image you can see red colour elements intersected in yellow that is not going to connect with rigids. only bolt locations will be connected
  7. is there any manual available for optistruct keyword. can any one give link or pdf?
  8. @Nachiket Kadu Penetration is thickness overlap & intersection is elements is completely passing through another. please make me correct if am wrong. pls find the below intersection image for your reference. a.bmp
  9. ok. and what about intersections in model. and for modal analysis is it necessary to remove the same. if not why?
  10. Hello all, What will be the effect of Intersection & penetration in analysis?
  11. Hi all , i am getting ***Error#2005*** WIN_IO: writeFile failed. (112). while solving linear static problem.
  12. Hello Prakash, i am solving a internal project. so can you tell standard values
  13. Can anyone provide me material curve for ABS & PP material? Sandeep
  14. Thank you Rahul for the valuable help
  15. Thanks Rahul for the pdf. i gone through the document, but there is no SBS & HRP (ECE R17) covered in it. can you help for the same
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