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  1. Hi My freind's When I run the Hypercrash program, An error has been detected and I am unable to execute it. Apparently, a number of required files have been deleted. Please send me these files or guide me according to the attached image to solve my problem. bestregards
  2. Hi my dear after Import LS Dyna file in Radioss and i convert to Radioss(Bulck format), I have some Error like below picture Please guide me, how solve this problem. Best regards
  3. Hi The Video file is not exist
  4. Hi dear friends Are Car models like Neon,TAURUS,Toyota YARIS (on the training site) complete and capable of analysis? Do they need to define a specific parameter to perform the impact analysis? Best regards
  5. Hi I share .rad file thank. FR_Door2_Gravity_30_0000.rad FR_Door2_Gravity_30_0001.rad
  6. FR_Door2_Gravity_30.hm FR_Door2_Gravity_30.hm
  7. Hello Dear friends In the attached model, there is an error in the energy balance(99%) I know that this error is related to how I define Material, Contact or Time step. But I don't know which parameter in the file I need to change to fix the Energy error. Can anyone advise on the problem of energy balance? Bestregard's
  8. Model with Impactor(Rigid wall) FR_Door2_Gravity.hm
  9. Hi my friend With your good help I was able to solve Mass Err. But there is still a fault with the energy error(ERR= -99%).I changed some parameter in my model(Contact,Material , ...).However, as soon as a collision occurs, the amount of energy increases.If possible, please guide me to fix this issue. Is there an educational film about this? Best regards and I hope to meet my good friends in the future.
  10. You explained so easily. thank you very much
  11. sorry, I forgot to send the files FR_Door2_E-5_0001.out FR_Door2_0001.out
  12. my Dear, I have 2 question. 1) in my Model , mean Mesh size 7mm , Density : 9.85E-9 ton/l , E=210000 Mpa, i want to calculate Nodal time step by this equation: tn =L/(E/Density)^0.5 But i don't know , How to choose the right unit? 2) if after check Out file, and see increase %ERR= - 99% , is that simulation is good or bad? I attached two different Out file,Please checked and guide me. best regards
  13. I did that and remove my problem. thank you
  14. hi my Dear I simulate impact (Intrusion test) with front Door and Pole impactor. after define interface,velocity,spotweld and .... then in Hyperview ,show the result. my problem is, Before impact between door and impactor, i see some Stress on door at result. please guide me, why I see stress in Door Mesh before impact? Bestregard FR_Door_LH_98_11_19.hm
  15. Hi My Dear I create 2D Mesh with Hypermesh and with radioss solver.(the Outer Door of car) then Export by Radioss type. But when i Import that to hypercrash, a lot of Element's missing. Please tell , why happen for my Model? Thank out_0000.rad out_0001.rad
  16. Hi My dear It was already mentioned when using 2D Mesh for sheet metal's , we have to use the Midsurface in making the mesh. so If I'm going to creat 2D mesh for two sheet metal's with thickness of one and two millimeters , the real distance between two midsurf should be " 1.5 mm" (In accordance with Appendix) In the Example in the E_Book , tow Pats have thickness of one and two millimeters , While the distance of each other is about 3 mm. Despite this, Is the analysis presented in the example correct? bestregards Rail_SpotWeld.hm
  17. Hi my Dear Please help me to find Model's file for Fatigue Tutorial In page Ebook isn't Model's file. Bestregards
  18. Hi, Is there any Video or Document for create Script and Customization? Thank you
  19. Hi Suppose, for side crush of a car, after performing the analysis(Create mesh, define MAT, Prop, Contact ,..... I will Decide to change the thickness of some sheet's, so , I should define offset for Sheet's that have a change in thickness and then i should change some parameter's such as Contact, Spot weld , .... Therefor, in analyzing a car that includes many hundreds of mesh, These changes will be very time consuming and costly. Is there a good solution in this regard?
  20. Hi My dear I sent Two Cad file ( Little Area of Rear Frame ) Each part have 2 mm Thickness and both direction are inwards. So i should be ,create 1 mm Offset for each parts and then i will create mesh. for example , if after create mesh and Crush Analysing , the result not acceptable , and i want to change thickness to new value 2.5 mm ,then Reanalyse Crush test. In this level , do i have change Mesh of tow parts with new offset (1.25 mm) and change all Spot weld , contact ,... ? (Consider that for Real side crush i have 52 different parts of car) Best regards 1471.CATPart 1481.CATPart
  21. Hi my freind Can I Offset the Source Surface for both parts with (Tickness/2) and then Create 2D mesh ? or i should be create mid-surface for both parts and mesh it separately
  22. Hi my friends. I have some CAD Data( 3D Drawing, face of car's , With Thickness=0.0). some file's have overlap and Some File's have offset (thickness). when I define property , the mesh is known with Mid Surface, I think that isn't good idea for create mesh in attachment , is described at Fig.1 and fig.2 in Fig.1 two surface haven;t offset , but in Fig.2 two surface have offset (3mm) My problem: I think ,at fig.1,the first create mesh for every surface then define Property ( Thick part.A =2mm , Part.B=0.7mm) But at Fig.2 , i don't know , can i create mesh according to the last method ( same as Fig.1) ?
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