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    Spot Weld

    hi dear frends i want Simulate Spot weld(1 weld on tow Plate) according tensile test my problem is Interface Type2(tied)- (how define that?) Please help me. File is Attached Single Weld.hm
  2. hi my dear In Learning library have a sample named: Sample of a screwing process But in this library have not any radoss file(only have .PNG file ) and i can't Load this sample( only i can load presentation) If it possibe , please send this radioss file Bestregards
  3. Thank youso much for help me I had include file (HAT_PART.inc) and also in the same folder. I try by import your file ,but i have same Problem : ********************** Warning: starter Input Deck contains Keyword //SUBMODEL/1 which is CURRENTLY UNSUPPORTED in HM present at line number 429 ****************************** is that may be for my software version ( V14-2015) ? Bestregards
  4. I have, HyperWorks 14 and HyperWorks 2015 version. After Import by Radioss Block140 , I have a massage at Hmx File: ************************************************************************************** $ Extra Data for RADIOSS from E:/48_solid_spotweld/solid_spot_law59/FRAME_MODIFIED_0000.rad using C:\Program Files\Altair\14.0\io\model_readers\feinput\bin\win64\radiossblk.exe. $ File Input to HyperMesh on 07-08-2017 21:14:29. $ ## File: E:/48_solid_spotweld/solid_spot_law59/FRAME_MODIFIED_0000.rad, Line: 399 -- The Keyword listed below is currently unsupported #---1----|----2----|----3----|----4----|----5----|----6----|----7----|----8----|----9----|---10----| //SUBMODEL/1 # sub-model title Part 1 # Off_dft Off_nod Off_elt Off_part Off_mat Off_prop 0 0 0 0 0 0 ***************************************************************************************** after that massage i Run " radiossblk.exe " but my problem didnt solve. If possible for you, Please Send an Example file (48_solid_spotweld) to check by me. Bestregards
  5. Hi my Dear In the hyperwrks Tutorials have some Example (//Altair/Demo/hwsolver/radioos) that have been Zipped, I copy folder to another Drive and extract there, then Run Radioss and to use Import Solver for that extracted flie. but after import , I Have Some warning, like below: ********** Warning: starter Input Deck contains Keyword /SHFRA/V4 which is CURRENTLY UNSUPPORTED in HM present at line number 38 Warning: Unsupported information found in input deck Resolution: Unsupported text written to file: C:/Users/Home/Desktop/09_Billiards/Contact_modelling/Inter_16_sliding/TEST16S_0000.rad0.hmx Warning: starter Input Deck contains Keyword /SHEL16/11 ******** Please help me for solve this problem. Bestrigards.
  6. Korosh


    hi My MasterI want analyse Droping things with Optisruct.the thing is Solid (Steel) with Velocity and impact to a Plate(2D or3D , Steel with 1mm Thickness)Is it possible Analize with Optisruct? and I dont know how to define"Load Step" and "Load collector"Best Regards Crash.hm
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