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  1. hi i am trying to do Squeak and rattle analysis in altair hyperworks ..since the the given load is in the form of PSD curve .. i need to convert into time domain it would really helpful if you provide some documents and tutorial file .
  2. Hi, I am scaling my model from mm to meter units. I am able to scale down the elements but the thickness in the PSHELL remain unchanged. they are still in mm units. How do I scale the entire model along with the thickness and material properties also. Thanks in advance
  3. But how do I check those rbe3 with less than 3 legs? There are nearly 5000 rbe3 in my model. Do I need to check them individually?
  4. I want to understand the meaning of this statement "RBE3 with less than 3 legs should not exist ". I am defining seam welds with hexa adhesive type (RBE3-HEXA-RBE3). How to avoid the 3 legs in RBE3 type of connection? Thanks in advance.
  5. I am welding two plates of 5mm thick using ACM welds. I am using the "spot panel" in the 1D connector tab. Following are the inputs: Location : Lines spacing : 1.00 num layers : total 2 tolerance : 20 type : acm (shell gap) diameter : 2 Though the connectors are realized, I find the overlapping of the HEXA elements. What could be the reason behind this and the solution to avoid the same? Attached .bdf file Thanx in advance ACM-QUERY.bdf
  6. Hi, Can anyone help he regarding converting frequency domain data to time domain data?
  7. hi how to plot MPF with respect to output frequency in the form of bar chart or histogram in Hyperview (as shown in below image), so that it represents how MPF is contrubuting to output response for each mode.
  8. This saved my time. I used to integrate twice using the math option. Thanks
  9. Hi, can you elaborate more on this? I want to convert the attached acceleration vs time graph to displacement vs time graph and export it to excel. I am unable to find the double integral option under math in Define curves. shock.pch
  10. HI guys, Need your help regarding batchmesher. I had to mesh an entire bus structure using batchmesher, so initially i divide the bus to a small portion and submitted a run in batch mesher. In the solution , batchmesher had extracted the midsurface and meshed it well. However, when i submit the entire structure, it fails create mid-surface and mesh, whereas it meshes on the outer surface of the structure. In param file i have checked on mid-surface extraction also. but still doesnt work. Please help me out with this regard.
  11. I am using GPKE = ALL to obtain the kinetic energy at grid points for the SOL 103 analysis. How to obtain the kinetic energy plot at the grid points in Hyperview just like we obtain stress and displacement plot....
  12. How can I export the penetration and intersection data to an excel worksheet just as we do component, property table from utility menu. Please find the attached image. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanx for the documents
  14. Hii, I would like to know the procedure for creating ACM (Area contact Method) welds using brick elements in Hypermesh. Also, what difference does it make between the two mentioned connections? RBE2-HEXA-RBE2 RBE3-HEXA-RBE3
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