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  1. Hello Praniket, Did you manage to find a solution for the problem. Regards, SACHIN
  2. Hello Praniket, I have send the file through , I am not able to send you message to your inbox within this forum, therefore I am commenting here. I have included my details there. Regards, SACHIN
  3. Hello, I would like to get the node id for slave and master nodes that are linked. I am giving a surface to surface tie constraint. Right now I have to manually create a set of theses nodes by making the set ordered. This is very time consuming. Is it possible there a easier way to get the details of master slave node connectivity. Regards, SACHIN
  4. I cannot share the geometry here. Is it possible to send it personally to you. Regards, SACHIN
  5. Thanks Tinh. A follow up question on a similar issue. Is it possible to define the element set by picking enclosed geometry automatically. I have partitioned the geometry and I want to assign the elements coming inside each partition inside a set. Is it possible to automate this process so that manual assigning can be avoid when the geometry is remeshed. Regards, SACHIN
  6. I can see layers option for Element stress and Composite Stress. But the values I get for both of them are completely different. Is it possible to know how the element stress and composite stress is calculated in Optistruct and in which coordinate system the results will be. I am looking for ply level stress in a given element. For ex: the extreme ply stress in a given element of 30 plies. I am trying to correlate the hypermesh results to results from my FEA numerical calculation.
  7. Hello, I have a input file from optistruct for a composite material structure, which has 200+ sets. They are written in terms of element ranges and element ids . I want to process it in matlab. Is there any method to change the set card to be defined only by element id's. This will make my life easy to process all the data. Thanks SACHIN
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