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  1. @Prakash Pagadala That's correct, even I'm able to run the file by omitting some parameters. Attached are the PARAM's used now, But I'm not sure how these two cards (CONTFEL=YES, I64SLV=YES) are going to help in convergence. My runs are going on, but taking more time(almost 4days now). Hope to get a converged result .
  2. @Prakash Pagadala Thanks for the reply. But I have another model with the same parameters and it is running perfectly fine. I will also send this model to you through your File transfer link. Kindly go through this file also and let me know why one model is running and other one not. Please don't confuse with other errors I reported here, those were due to the intermediate solutions I got in this conversation. My concern is for the error attached in this reply.
  3. @Prakash Pagadala Sharing the model through the file transfer link.
  4. Hi getting an error while using BCS solver even though HASHASSM is not checked in my model. Kindly let me know how to use the above mentioned debug parameters. I have already run this kind of analysis previously on the same system. I don't know why this is happening now.
  5. Hi Prakash No I'm not using multiple CPUs. Its a Workstation. let m know what can I possibly do to correct this error. Attached is the information about the Loadsteps, PARAM cards, NLPARAM. Regards, Mustafa
  6. yes there are contacts in the model both FREEZE and FRICTION I may not be able to share the model due to confidentiality.
  7. Hi, I'm getting following error from Optistruct. Kindly help. I have already updated my system with Hyperworks 14.0.130/hotfix 14.0.131 and Hwsolvers 14.0.230/hotfix 231.
  8. Please find the attached information on updates and system info.
  9. Hi, Deleted the files in TEMP folder and given the run once again, Still getting the same warning.
  10. Hi, I am getting a warning while running a job in Optistruct : *** WARNING # 8112 Failed deleting file "C:/TEMP/VPT4.0_run_P0002142_AB_FR_EDS_7588_03_has.rs~". This is the first time I am getting this warning. Kindly let me know why this warning is appearing and how to correct this. Note: Attached is a snapshot of the same. Regards, Ataul Mustafa.
  11. Thanks Prakash, WIll go with these suggestions.
  12. Thanks for the reply Prakash, I'm first running the PRETENSION analysis in Loadstep - 1 lets name it is PRETENS. Once this is done I am now applying Static Load in Loadstep -2 and used STATSUB(PRETENS). Now I want to run Loadstep - 3 with the continuation of results from Loadstep-2 (this is unloading analysis where no Load is given and CNTNLSUB(Loadstep -2) is given). My question is, Do I have to give STATSUB(PRETENS) in Loadstp - 3 also?
  13. Hi, While doing a pretension analysis and want to perform loading and unloading analysis with non-linear considerations.Below is how my loadsteps are structured. Loadstep 1 - Pretension SPC NLPARM PRETENSION LOAD Loadstep 2 - LOAD1 SPC LOAD1 NLPARM Subcase Option: CNTNLSUB - (Loadstep1) Loadstep 3 - UNLOAD1 SPC NLPARM Subcase Option: CNTNLSUB - (Loadstep2) With this procedure only Loadstep1 is running and the run gets sopped. I have 2 questions here Q1: Do I have to use STATSUB(PRETENS) along with CNTNLSUB in Loadstep2? Q2: If the above is true then do I also have to use the same STATSUB(PRETENS) in Loadstep3 considering that CNTNLSUB is present? Attached are the snapshots for the Loadsteps. Kindly help.
  14. Thanks Prakash. This option is working out. But the H3D files are getting generated only after the whole run is completed. Is it possible to get H3D after each subcase is finished.
  15. Hi, Can I request H3D file to be generated at each subcase in Optistruct, instead of one file at the end of all subcases.
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