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  1. You can not fix the rotating center using the mouse. Every time you middle click to rotate, this will select a new rotating center. What you can do if this disturbs you is: - use a 3D space mouse: in this case, the "2D"mouse middle click will fix the rotation center, the 3D mouse will do the rotation or - choose under File|Preference|System a different Mouse setting. FOr example, "Hyperworks 13.0" allows to choose the rotation center and rotate separately, like in Altair HyperMesh.
  2. Hi, SimLab is developing quite quickly, indeed many things are changing from version to version. You can still create a makro and a DOE to implement your own mesh refinement DOE like in the past. Additionally, you can try the new approach we are implementing currently. You need to define a BODY MESH CONTROL on the geometry you want to "refine". We still don't have complete tutorials for this, we plan to add one to the Learning Center . ResultsConvergenceUsingLocalRefinement.mp4
  3. Please, in SL 2019.2 consider also these options: * Create GROUPS OF BODIES / FACES to store a selection * use the option LOCK to hide permanently entities you are not working on, until you unlock all.
  4. @Alpha: LBC Browser will be supported until ALL solver profiles will migrate to the Solution approach. Then it will be shut down. For Altair SimLab 2019.2 we support all "internal" Solvers as solutions: Acusolve, Optistruct, Radioss, Molding, Flux Altair SimLab 2020 will support also ABAQUS solutions. Please notice that if you use SimLab with sT units you will have accesso only to Internal Altair Solvers. Solutions for external solvers will be only available with HW units-licensing.
  5. Just record a python macro which creates groups using Select Features! It's easy! SL-Q910 Colors, Groups and Sets in Automation.docxSL-Q920 Groups in Automation - Advanced.docx I attach two tutorials explaining how to record a macro for the automatic creation of groups
  6. Select a body or a group of surfaces Right click Choose SELECT FEATURES -> recognize fillets based on radius and put it into groups. Once you create the groups, you can use mesh controls template based on groups to assign the MC automatically
  7. Trick: Try also REMESH panel applied to EDGES and/or ELEMENTS, not only on faces!
  8. _MacroButtons_v2.1.zip Hi, I send you an example python macro (the macro converts cone-holes into cylinders ) and the instructions to add it to the browser. It should make everything clear
  9. Hi, the option you are looking for should be found in one of the following: - Analysis/Loads/Bearing Pressure (works only if the surface is a cylinder or a partial cylinder, it looks so in the pic) - Loads/Create Force /as function of XYZ (but this may request some more clicks).
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