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  1. Hi Everyone, I am performing a textile compaction simulation in ABAQUS. I would like to take this compacted textile model to ANSYS CFX to perform flow simulation in an attempt to predict the permeability of this compacted textile. My plan is to voxelize the mesh of this compacted textile model (both the matrix and the fiber tows within the unit cell textile model) before exporting to ANSYS CFX. My predecessor performed this file conversion through: export .vrml file of the compacted textile model from ABAQUS --> convert .vrml file to .stl file in Matlab --> voxelize the mesh by using Aitkinhead's mesh voxelization matlab function --> create .vox file --> convert .vox file to .inp file --> import the .inp file in Hypermesh to perform mesh editing (deletion of floating elements and boundary surface definitions) --> export .cas file from Hypermesh which can be read by ANSYS CFX My questions are: 1. I am aware that Hypermesh has the ability to create voxel mesh. Is it more efficient to create this voxel mesh in Hypermesh or before importing in Hypermesh (just like my predecesor did)? If it is better to create this voxel mesh in Hypermesh, can somebody suggest the steps in going from ABAQUS to Hypermesh? 2. Is there a tutorial that demonstrates voxel mesh creation in Hypermesh? Thank you very much! Really need your kind advice.
  2. Hi Rahul, Thank you for your kind reply. Yes I did try importing the same file to Hypermesh installed in friend's desk computer and it worked. I am currently trying to re-install my Hypermesh. Thank you very much
  3. Hello Rahul, Thank you for your reply. Yes it does give me an error message. However, I believe there is something wrong with the Hypermesh installation in my university as the error log never describes what the errors are about, Hypermesh only states "Permission Denied". Attached in this reply is the ABAQUS .inp file that I have been trying to import to Hypermesh. Could you be so kindly to check if you can open the file? Appreciate it! diamond-test.inp
  4. Hi everyone, I created a textile model using TexGen which allows me to directly create ABAQUS .inp file (I am using voxel mesh). This file can be opened perfectly in ABAQUS. However, when I tried to import the same file to Hypermesh (through import-->solver deck-->the ABAQUS .inp file), the file cannot be opened. Could somebody please kindly give me a suggestion on how to solve this problem? Thank you.
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