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  1. Hi Roy, Refer the below post: https://forum.altair.com/topic/22399-tcl-scripting/?do=findComment&comment=55024
  2. Hi, Not possible, framework is totally different.
  3. Hi, You can use a logic similar to below: set str_compname "thickness_t2.1" set thickness [string trimleft [lindex [split $str_compname _] end] t] set str_prop [hm_getvalue comps name=$str_compname dataname=property.name] *setvalue prop name=$str_prop 95=$thickness; #95 is thickness dataname in Nastran user profile
  4. Livil Lyle

    Hyperview - Get list of components and ids

    Hi, It's fairly direct. hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle session1 session1 GetProjectHandle project1 project1 GetPageHandle page1 1 page1 GetWindowHandle win1 1 win1 GetClientHandle anim anim GetModelHandle my_model [anim GetActiveModel] my_model GetQueryCtrlHandle my_query set set_id [my_model AddSelectionSet component] my_model GetSelectionSetHandle comp_set $set_id # Select all Components comp_set Add "All" my_query SetSelectionSet $set_id # ask for ids and component name my_query SetQuery "component.id component.name" my_query WriteData D:/out.csv # clean up my_model RemoveSelectionSet $set_id hwi CloseStack
  5. Try doing property operations using property name instead of IDs.
  6. Hi, Have you tried *findmark command?
  7. Livil Lyle

    Channel Error

    Hi, Why don't you give the full file path?
  8. Livil Lyle

    Closing of a

    In current program you can use catch {unset ref_temp} in the beginning.
  9. Livil Lyle

    Closing of a

    Hi, In your code, destroy .window11 will close the window. Not sure how to close it as soon as you enter a value.
  10. Livil Lyle

    How to create a surface by two parallel lines

    Hi, Please try *linearsurfacebetweenlines *surfacemode 4; *createlist lines 1 101; #101 is line id of first line *createlist nodes 1; *createlist lines 2 102; #102 is line id of second line *createlist nodes 2; *linearsurfacebetweenlines 1 1 2 2 1; *rejectmark
  11. Hi Bachelor, I fixed the part to show up the dialog. Please find attachment. convert.tcl
  12. Livil Lyle

    Material properties in Hypermesh.

    Hi, Either way should work fine. You can set the material and export it as .inp and later import the .inp to AcuConsolve.
  13. Livil Lyle

    Powerpoint interaction

    Hi, twapi is for windows and will not work in Linux
  14. Try setting up the array like this: set rowindex 0; set columnindex 0; set myarray($rowindex,$columnindex) "data1"; incr rowindex;
  15. Hi Sathish, Please refer to below posts for an idea of how to do. how-to-get-normal-x-of-vector-created-by-two-nodes how-to-create-a-normal-for-3-nodes