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  1. Hi Raj, You can use the below APIs: hm_getclosestnode x y z ?elem_mark? ?node_mark? ::hwat::core::GetClosestNodeByDistance x y z n_nodeList n_exemptNodes ::hwat::utils::GetClosestNode x y z [d_tolerance] [assemname] [n_exemptNodes] To get x y z of the user selected nodeID use: hm_nodevalue $nodeID For more info refer help or search the commands in Altair Connect.
  2. Hi Raj, You can refer to examples in HWTK GUI Toolkit which comes along with Hyperworks installation. You can also quickly search the syntax in Altair Connect to get more information.
  3. Find attached elements to the node, Mask everything and unmask only those elements. Fit the view.
  4. Hi Mohammed I haven't done this yet, you can try: pltINote_handle SetAttachment curve pltINote_handle SetAttachToCurveIndex $curveID pltINote_handle SetAttachToPointIndex point_index to find point_index you can GetVectorHandle and from vectorHandle GetValuesList list. Find at what index the maximum value occurs in the value list.
  5. Hi Balazs, You can check out scripts in Script Exchange, just filter out Hyperview as in attached image. https://connect.altair.com/CP/script-list.html Do note that HyperView scripting does require practice in getting correct handles and hierarchy. I have written some easy scripts in this forums earlier which can be a good reference to begin with.
  6. Hi mpvnaresh, The algorithm used for re-meshing could be temporarily creating it, usually any such modifications will be handled in the end by automatically deleting. Btw, which version of Hyperworks are you using?
  7. Hi Martina, You should be able to directly import .stl directly, I'm not sure if the support is given in Student Version.
  8. Hi Julio, There seem to be some issue with Student Edition, I was able to recover the model by exporting as .rad and re-importing again but there is a possible loss of data. If you can share the model before the issue and a video showing when it losing the data, it can be fixed in future software release. Thanks. llyle
  9. Hi Julio, May be when you're doing some operation the script could have disabled graphics, but since the operation failed it didn't enable it again. You can go to Preferences->Script Performance and uncheck all options and press apply. Otherwise it could be some graphics card/driver issues too. Try doing the same operation in another machine, if it is not reproducible, check if graphics card is compatible with Hyperworks, update driver, and delete Hyperworks temp files.
  10. Hi Juan, Will it be possible to share the model? .hm file.
  11. Hi JJJ, Yes, it is possible to view results from *.odb in Hyperview. Regards, Livil
  12. Hi, Please refer to the below posts: https://forum.altair.com/topic/13305-how-can-i-apply-multiple-constraints-or-loads-in-a-subcase/ https://forum.altair.com/topic/22479-multiple-loadspressuresgravity-in-hypermesh/
  13. Hi Zoltaaaan, You can read about implementing HWAT in below link, Basically these functions simplifies the task than conventional scripting which require all the procedure to be written. https://altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/2017/help/hwtools/hwtools.htm?hyperworks_automation_toolkit_introduction.htm If done right, the closest top node in red hex will point to the correct node in blue comp, Maybe if you can share two hm files, with initial components in one and final components welded together in another I can give it a try.
  14. Hi Zoltaaaan, To get the nodes of hex elements near the blue shell mesh, you will have to implement a algorithim as follows: 1. Get all Hex Weld Nodes 2. Get All Blue Shell mesh nodes 3. Foreach hex node find closest node in the blue shell mesh node. you can use hwat APIs such as: ::hwat::utils::GetClosestElement ::hwat::utils::GetClosestNode ::hwat::core::GetClosestNodeByDistance These are available in Help Document or you can get it form altair connect: https://connect.altair.com/CP/kb-view.html?kb=183491
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