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  1. Livil Lyle


    Hi Cemreyvz, Segmentation error could have been fixed in latest software releases, please test it in Hypermesh, 2017.3. You can download 2017.3 from Altair Connect. If you still experience the same, please share a reproducible model.
  2. Livil Lyle

    Hyperview Installation Directory

    Hi Mohammed, Try, SessionHandle GetSystemVariable "VERSION" Regards, Livil
  3. Livil Lyle

    Find the maximum temperature of one material

    Hi Callum, In Hypermesh, create element Set with all elements of a particular material. Then while post processing in Hyperview isolate only those elements using the Set and display the contour.
  4. Livil Lyle

    Edit Legend in HyperView

    Hi Alexander, The easiest way would be to save the Legend file as tcl using Edit Legend Option. then source the file and pass legend handle: ::post::LoadSettings $legendHandle ::post::Draw You can open and see the tcl file and customize accordingly.
  5. Livil Lyle

    Hyperview - Get list of components and ids

    For subcase names, pass result_handle GetSubcaseLabel $n_subcaseID
  6. Hi Sagar, You will have to follow the object hierarchy to reach subcases which is in ResultCtrl. hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle session_handle session_handle GetProjectHandle project_handle project_handle GetPageHandle page_handle [project_handle GetActivePage] page_handle GetWindowHandle window_handle [page_handle GetActiveWindow] window_handle GetClientHandle client_handle client_handle GetModelHandle model_handle [client_handle GetActiveModel] model_handle GetResultCtrlHandle result_handle set lst_subcases [result_handle GetSubcaseList] hwi CloseStack
  7. source the proc contourValue above, set lst_elems {700001 700002 700003} contourValue $lst_elems I would recommend you to get more familiar with tcl programming before getting into HV automation.
  8. Hi Mahesh, 1. You can get frequency value from simulation label, use: poIResultCtrl GetSimulationLabel, then do some string operation to get the frequency value. 2. for nodal displacement you will have to display the contour and then query the displacement value at specific nodes, refer below thread for similar example: 3. CSV writing can be done through tcl file operation commands or using hyperview api refer: Regards, Livil
  9. Livil Lyle

    TCL Script doesn't run correctly in Hypermesh

    Hi, This error is because there is no component with id 2 in the model. *setvalue comps id=2 propertyid={props 1}
  10. Livil Lyle

    TCL Script doesn't run correctly in Hypermesh

    Hi, Please remove all return statements, it is not required. return is used to return values when using procedures, in this case it will exit the program.
  11. Livil Lyle

    Mesh script

    Hi Saravanan, A quick way to learn after learning TCL language is to do a simple operation in hypermesh say creation of 10 nodes manually, then have a look at the commands written to command.tcl in the working directory (mostly mydocuments). then run those commands in the command window. After that automate the process using loops and procedures. Altair does organizes tcl and on-demand training , you can get in touch with your local Altair support team.
  12. TCL was there when Hypermesh initial development started, Python was released later.
  13. Hi Jaggs, You will have to first display the contour and then query strain values, you can refer similar for writing to csv refer:
  14. Livil Lyle

    Script for Delete Empty

    For future reference, I was able to do using below: set str_flag 1 while {$str_flag} { *EntityPreviewEmpty assem 1 if {[hm_marklength assem 1]} { *deletemark assems 1 } else { set str_flag 0; } }
  15. Livil Lyle

    TCL script

    Hi Mrunmaya, Please refer to poISelectionSet Add in help document, it has a lot of examples similar to your requirement.