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  1. simplest way to get this information is from the command.tcl which gets written in the current working directory. Do it manually and see what gets updated in this file.
  2. Right Click anywhere in the window:
  3. Hi Sathish, For Abaqus User Profile to get the element IDs, first get the respected SURFACE_ELEMENT group IDs from CONTACT_PAIR and then query the elements. set n_slaveGroupID [hm_getvalue groups name=contactpair_name dataname=149] set n_masterGroupID [hm_getvalue groups name=contactpair_name dataname=150] set lst_slaveElements [hm_getvalue groups id=$n_slaveGroupID dataname=slaveentityids] set lst_masterElements [hm_getvalue groups id=$n_masterGroupID dataname=slaveentityids]
  4. Hi Seckin, Possible to share the code you have written to create the table?
  5. Hi You have to set file path using {} set model_file1 {C:\hyper\PLATE_EXAMPLE\PLATE2.bdf} or set model_file1 "C:/hyper/PLATE_EXAMPLE/PLATE2.bdf"
  6. Hi Seckin, You should use the api like this: foreach n_elemID [list 179 79 150 279] { puts "$n_elemID : [hm_getthickness elements $n_elemID]" }
  7. Hi, You have to pack after creating. ::hwtk::button $f.b1 -text "Text Button" -help "Text only" -command {*createentity comps name=component3} pack $f.b1
  8. Hi Seckin, Set the -textvariable as a namespace variable, you can do the below hwtk::labelframe $w.lf3 -text "Defined List Only" hwtk::combobox $w.lf3.cb -values $beam_list -help "BEAM SECTIONS" -textvariable ::beam_sect puts "$::beam_sect"
  9. Hi Shi, I didn't have this issue in Hyperworks 14.0.133. Regards, Livil Lyle
  10. Its in the session class. Attached is a sample script that shows using PPTPublish handle hwi GetSessionHandle sessionH sessionH GetPublishingHandle pub set pfadPPT "D:/tmp/test.ppt" catch { sessionH ReleaseHandle } catch { pub ReleaseHandle } catch { ppt ReleaseHandle } hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle sessionH sessionH GetPublishingHandle pub pub GetPPTPublishHandle ppt ppt SetDestination new ppt SetPathOnDisk $pfadPPT ppt Publish ppt SaveLinkedPPTPresentation $pfadPPT ppt CloseLinkedPPT hwi CloseStack
  11. Hi Chidananda, You can get the information with the help of GetSystemVariable in sesssion Handle. hwi OpenStack; hwi GetSessionHandle sessH; set str_altairHome [sessH GetSystemVariable "ALTAIR_HOME"] sessH ReleaseHandle hwi CloseStack
  12. Hi JJJ, Launch Hyperview -> Input the model and result file path Click on Contour -> Select Result type, Result Component etc and press Apply to visualize the contour. For other option, please refer to help documentation.
  13. Hi Wiz211, Try capturing using Image Capture Panel.
  14. Hi Raj, Can you try after adding "s" to the end of SelectYComponent. buildh SelectYComponents {MAG | Z-Trans} Share the code and error if you still face issue.
  15. Hi Raj, are you getting the build handle? hwi GetSessionHandle sess; sess GetClientManagerHandle pm Plot; pm GetBuildPlotsCtrlHandle bp;
  16. have you tried creating a mark by box? *createmark elems 1 "by box" x0 y0 z0 x1 y1 z1 syst location contained all tol
  17. I was able to do it with this command. *createmark elems 1 "on plane" 0 6 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 hm_highlightmark elems 1 h
  18. Hi Dhairyasheel, 1. first create a font with the properties and then assign it to the label you create font create myFont -family cambria -size 14 ttk::label .test.frame1.label1 -text "Hello" -font myFont -width 15 2. all entry boxes have a variable set using -textvariable which should be a namespace variable, this can be set dynamically and will be reflected accordingly. hwtk::entry frame_1.ent_1 -textvariable ::mynamespace::entry1variable 3. use -command followed by the function while creating the button: hwtk::button frame_1.button_1 -text "test" -command {::test::Myprocedure}
  19. Hi, *createmark elems 1 "on plane" "x y z i j k tol plane touching" "
  20. For setting colors, get model handle and then use SetColor For PPT, use Automatic Report Director (ARD) it comes with Hyperworks 2019, for earlier versions you will have to install it though PSO installer, https://connect.altair.com/CP/downloads.html?suite=Packaged Solution Offerings
  21. Hyperworks desktop: .mainFrame.bottom.leftfrm.label cget -text Hypermesh: .mainFrame.bottom.message_label cget -text
  22. Hi Raj, You can add model using: poIPost_handle AddModel filename (reader_name) and set results using: model_handle SetResult file_name (reader_name) AddModel by default will overlay the model,.
  23. Hi Jouher, You will have to iterate through all components, find individual thickness and write an algorithm to find which are uniform or uniform according to your requirement. ' You can use API: hm_getthickness to quickly get each component thickness.
  24. Once you get the IDs, you can use poIResultCtrl_handle GetSubcaseLabel id to get the labels. regards, Livil
  25. Hi Dmoreau, There may be some issue with graphics card then, see if the script runs n another machine. If it works, you can try reinstalling the graphics driver driver.
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