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  1. Hi, can you trying adding -nobg hv -b -nobg -tcl Image_Capture1.tcl example.modl example.res
  2. yes, special characters like space ( ) will case issues. You write a script to rename all components by converting all special chars to _.
  3. Hi Vlad, You can try: # search weld set lst_compNames [hm_entitylist comps name] set lst_weldcomps [lsearch -all -inline -glob $lst_compNames *WLD LNS*] # search shell *createmark elems 2 "by config" tria3 quad4 set lst_shellcomps [lsort -unique [hm_getvalue elems mark=2 dataname=component.name]]
  4. Hi Vlad, you can refer below for an idea on how to do this. set lst_weldcompData [list "LA7273333/2-012234 WLD LNS (X02704/X03430)" "LA72733425/2-010104 WLD LNS (X513A12/X02704/X03430)"] set lst_components [list "AA6383837/5-XXXX-X02704-A (PLR FRT uPPER RR FRONT)" "AA671617033/5-XXXX-X03430-A (SHLD HDR REINF)" "LAA6716635/4-XXXX-X513A12-A (RL RF SD FRT LHS)"] foreach str_weldcomp $lst_weldcompData { set str_comp1 ""; set str_comp2 ""; set str_comp3 ""; set str_simplified [ regsub {\)} [lindex [split $str_weldcomp (] end] ""] lassign [split $str_simplified / ] str_tempcomp1 str_tempcomp2 str_tempcomp3; puts "$str_tempcomp1 $str_tempcomp2 $str_tempcomp3" if {$str_tempcomp1 != ""} { set str_comp1 [lsearch -inline $lst_components *$str_tempcomp1*] } if {$str_tempcomp2 != ""} { set str_comp2 [lsearch -inline $lst_components *$str_tempcomp2*] } if {$str_tempcomp3 != ""} { set str_comp3 [lsearch -inline $lst_components *$str_tempcomp3*] } puts "$str_weldcomp has $str_comp1 , $str_comp2 , $str_comp3" }
  5. Hi Mohammed, You will have to iterate through all assemblies, get the components associated with it, save it to an array. Then you can search the component in which array it is present. you can create selection sets and use Assembly Class api's.
  6. Hi Karthikeyan, You can try inbuilt table view
  7. simplest way to get this information is from the command.tcl which gets written in the current working directory. Do it manually and see what gets updated in this file.
  8. Right Click anywhere in the window:
  9. Hi Sathish, For Abaqus User Profile to get the element IDs, first get the respected SURFACE_ELEMENT group IDs from CONTACT_PAIR and then query the elements. set n_slaveGroupID [hm_getvalue groups name=contactpair_name dataname=149] set n_masterGroupID [hm_getvalue groups name=contactpair_name dataname=150] set lst_slaveElements [hm_getvalue groups id=$n_slaveGroupID dataname=slaveentityids] set lst_masterElements [hm_getvalue groups id=$n_masterGroupID dataname=slaveentityids]
  10. Hi Seckin, Possible to share the code you have written to create the table?
  11. Hi You have to set file path using {} set model_file1 {C:\hyper\PLATE_EXAMPLE\PLATE2.bdf} or set model_file1 "C:/hyper/PLATE_EXAMPLE/PLATE2.bdf"
  12. Hi Seckin, You should use the api like this: foreach n_elemID [list 179 79 150 279] { puts "$n_elemID : [hm_getthickness elements $n_elemID]" }
  13. Hi, You have to pack after creating. ::hwtk::button $f.b1 -text "Text Button" -help "Text only" -command {*createentity comps name=component3} pack $f.b1
  14. Hi Seckin, Set the -textvariable as a namespace variable, you can do the below hwtk::labelframe $w.lf3 -text "Defined List Only" hwtk::combobox $w.lf3.cb -values $beam_list -help "BEAM SECTIONS" -textvariable ::beam_sect puts "$::beam_sect"
  15. Hi Shi, I didn't have this issue in Hyperworks 14.0.133. Regards, Livil Lyle
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