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  1. llyle liked a post in a topic by PrasannaK in Change legend value font size   
    You can change the size of the values in legend as shown in the attached video.
    Thank You!
  2. tinh liked a post in a topic by llyle in tcl command not exiting   
    can you trying adding -nobg  
    hv -b -nobg -tcl Image_Capture1.tcl example.modl example.res  
  3. llyle liked a post in a topic by robertavarela in Mircophone access   
    I've used pyaudio in the past to create .wav files, which is a package that is able to input/output audio.
    Steps to install the package:
    Open the command window (cmd) as Administrator  
    Type cd C:\<Compose_installation_folder>\common\python\python3.5\win64  
    Type python.exe -m pip install pyaudio There are some examples at GitHub:
    And pyaudio documentation is at https://people.csail.mit.edu/hubert/pyaudio/docs/ - the class stream probably achieves what you are looking for.
  4. tinh liked a post in a topic by llyle in element selection   
    Right Click anywhere in the window:

  5. llyle liked a post in a topic by Rahul R in Getting two stress values for a single node   
    If the node is common among different parts and you get an average value by part.If you select the option in contour panel average across component boundaries you will get one single value then you will just need to check the remove duplicates in the query panel.
  6. llyle liked a post in a topic by Q.Nguyen-Dai in how to get thickness of elements as a list?   
    If element thickness was assigned via component, not directly by element, this command returns nothing. In this case you have to call "hm_getthickness component"
  7. Seçkin13 liked a post in a topic by llyle in How can i set *createmarkpanel command to gui?   
    You have to pack after creating.
    ::hwtk::button $f.b1 -text "Text Button" -help "Text only" -command {*createentity comps name=component3}
    pack $f.b1
  8. Seçkin13 liked a post in a topic by llyle in how can i get a value form combobox GUI?   
    Hi Seckin,
    Set the -textvariable as a namespace variable, you can do the below 
    hwtk::labelframe $w.lf3 -text "Defined List Only"
    hwtk::combobox $w.lf3.cb -values $beam_list -help "BEAM SECTIONS" -textvariable ::beam_sect
    puts "$::beam_sect"
  9. tinh liked a post in a topic by llyle in hm_info   
    Hi Chidananda,
    You can get the information with the help of GetSystemVariable in sesssion Handle. 
    hwi OpenStack; hwi GetSessionHandle sessH; set str_altairHome [sessH GetSystemVariable "ALTAIR_HOME"] sessH ReleaseHandle hwi CloseStack  
  10. llyle liked a post in a topic by tinh in Segmentation error - Can't debug   
    Seem that before *feinputwithdata2 you are missing a *createstringarray
    Number 8 indicates that the array has 8 items
    If input reader parses 8 args but not found, it's crashed!
  11. llyle liked a post in a topic by Imoto in Find Attached Elements "Dyna"   
    Hello @BG913
    I guess "hm_gettiedentities" is you are looking for.
    *createmark nodes 1 248;
    hm_gettiedentities nodes elems 1 2;
    hm_getmark elems 2;
  12. llyle liked a post in a topic by Q.Nguyen-Dai in Volume measurment In Hypermesh   
    @Joel Rodarte: use command  "hm_getvolumeofsolid" 

  13. llyle liked a post in a topic by Merula in Error: Can't read "vx1": no such variable   
    You have a list of vectors but you want to translate it into one direction. The problem is that the variables are only valid within the for loop...
    try this
    set vector [*vectorcreate_twonode 1 2] set vx1 [ hm_getentityvalue vectors $vector "xcomp" 0 ] set vy1 [ hm_getentityvalue vectors $vector "ycomp" 0 ] set vz1 [ hm_getentityvalue vectors $vector "zcomp" 0 ] *createmark nodes 1 1 *duplicatemark nodes 1 25 set r [hm_entitymaxid nodes 1] *createvector 1 $vx1 $vy1 $vz1 *translatemark nodes 1 1 10 I changed the $x and $y that it works for me... also the createmark command after that...
    Hope this helps
  14. llyle liked a post in a topic by robertavarela in Work with H3D files   
    Alex, hello!
    Please find attached an example with the script and a few files for you to try out.
    First of all, please keep in mind that the model information is not inside this new .h3d file, therefore you need to open a model file and the created results file in HyperView if you need to visualize it.
    There are 2 opening modes that might be used: new and append:
    - new clears the .h3d file for writing
    - append adds new information but it cannot modify existing information, which means means that it is not possible to add datatypes, layers or values to an existing subcase

    The hierarchy that must be followed is this one:
    - Layer definition (if needed)
    - Datatype definition (needs the layer in case there is one)
    - Subcase definition (needs the datatype)
    - Data per se (needs the subcase, datatype and layer in case there is one)
  15. llyle liked a post in a topic by tinh in Hm_panel Edit using TCL   
    In below sample proc. I use input panel title to realize main panel that "return" button is placed on
    I test with HM2017. Please test it on HM Desktop also

    proc ::*createmarkpanel2 args { set proc [dict get [info frame [info frame]] proc] if {[string equal "{}" $args]} { set InputPanelTitle [lindex [set $proc] end] set CurrentPanelTitle [[if {[info exists ::hw::p_message_label]} {set ::hw::p_message_label} else {set ::HM_Framework::p_message_label}] cget -text] if {[string equal $CurrentPanelTitle $InputPanelTitle]} { lassign [hm_getpanelarea] PNx PNy PNw PNh place .panel_return \ -x [expr $PNx+$PNw-[.panel_return cget -width]-20] \ -y [expr $PNy+$PNh-[.panel_return cget -height]-20-[lindex [hm_getgraphicsarea] 1]] raise .panel_return } else { lower .panel_return } return } else { catch {lower .panel_return} } if {[hm_info functionlock]} return if {![winfo exists .panel_return]} { button .panel_return \ -activebackground #c06060 \ -background #c06060 \ -compound left \ -font {{MS Sans Serif} 10 normal roman} \ -foreground Black \ -height 20 \ -highlightthickness 0 \ -image [image create photo imgBlank] \ -padx 0 -pady 0 \ -text return \ -width 100 } .panel_return configure -command "*clearmark $args; hm_exitpanel" set $proc $args hm_framework registerproc $proc after_menudraw set ERCODE [catch {eval *createmarkpanel $args} RESULT INFO] hm_framework unregisterproc $proc after_menudraw return -code $ERCODE -options $INFO $RESULT }  
  16. llyle liked a post in a topic by tinh in Right-click context menu : could be customized?   
    Widget pathname of that menu is 
    But from v14, it doesn't come in a static way (depends on what you click on) so if you add a menu item then it will be cleared before pop up.
    To hook an item just before the menu pops up, thanks to Tk mechanism providing <<MenuSelect>> event. This is a way I used in menuexportdeck script:
    proc ::nexpd::p_Initialize {} { set BindScript [bind Menu <<MenuSelect>>] if {![string match *::nexpd::p_HookMenu* $BindScript]} { bind Menu <<MenuSelect>> {+after idle [list ::nexpd::p_HookMenu %W]} } } proc ::nexpd::p_HookMenu {menuName} { if {![winfo exists $menuName]} return if {[string equal Menu [winfo class $menuName]]} { if {[string match .model*.frmTreeArea.frmTree.* $menuName]} { set menuParent [winfo parent $menuName] while {![string equal TreeCtrl [winfo class $menuParent]]} { set menuName $menuParent set menuParent [winfo parent $menuName] if {![string equal Menu [winfo class $menuName]]} return } set Hooked 0 set Count [$menuName index end] for {set i 0} {$i<=$Count} {incr i} { if {[lsearch -exact {cascade command} [$menuName type $i]]!=-1&&[string equal "Export Deck" [$menuName entrycget $i -label]]} { set Hooked 1 break } } set Selection [$menuParent selection get] if {[llength $Selection]} { if {!$Hooked} { if {![winfo exists $menuName.exportdeck]} { menu $menuName.exportdeck -tearoff 0 -activebackground [$menuName cget -activebackground] \ -activeforeground [$menuName cget -activeforeground] \ -background [$menuName cget -background] \ -foreground [$menuName cget -foreground] $menuName.exportdeck add command -label "Only Selected" -command [list ::nexpd::p_ExportSelection $menuParent $Selection 0] $menuName.exportdeck add command -label "With References" -command [list ::nexpd::p_ExportSelection $menuParent $Selection 7] $menuName.exportdeck add command -label "Save Geometry" -command [list ::nexpd::p_ExportSelection $menuParent $Selection -1] } $menuName insert 0 cascade -label "Export Deck" -menu $menuName.exportdeck } else { if {[string equal disabled [$menuName entrycget "Export Deck" -label]]} { $menuName entryconfigure "Export Deck" -state normal } } } else { if {$Hooked} { if {![string equal disabled [$menuName entrycget "Export Deck" -label]]} { $menuName entryconfigure "Export Deck" -state disabled } } } } } }  
  17. tinh liked a post in a topic by llyle in Capture Hypermesh Error message in a string variable   
    Hyperworks desktop:
    .mainFrame.bottom.leftfrm.label cget -text
    .mainFrame.bottom.message_label cget -text
  18. llyle liked a post in a topic by acupro in error occur executing AcuSolve   
    Based on my quick look at the database, you do not have the interface surface attached to the Rotor volume - only that for the Fixed/main volume.  Right-click 'Air-rotor' under Volumes and select Mesh Op. > Find Missing Surfaces.  This will generate the other set of surfaces, attached to the Rotor Volume.  It appears you already have two sets of nodes there, but the surface definition was missing.  This new surface set should have the same treatment as 'interface' > deactivate Simple BC, and activate Interface Surface with 0 for gap and gap_factor.
    If you know or can estimate the angular velocity, it's simpler to use rotation mesh motion rather than rigid body.  It's difficult to estimate the resistance to rotation due to the gearbox, etc, so the angular velocity / rotation from Rigid Body motion is probably going to be higher than the actual would be.
  19. Dhairyasheel liked a post in a topic by llyle in GUI Problem   
    Hi Dhairyasheel,
    1. first create a font with the properties and then assign it to the label you create
    font create myFont -family cambria -size 14 ttk::label .test.frame1.label1 -text "Hello" -font myFont -width 15 2. all entry boxes have a variable set using -textvariable which should be a namespace variable, this can be set dynamically and will be reflected accordingly. 
    hwtk::entry frame_1.ent_1 -textvariable ::mynamespace::entry1variable  
    3. use -command followed by the function while creating the button:
    hwtk::button frame_1.button_1 -text "test" -command {::test::Myprocedure}  
  20. Pandurang liked a post in a topic by llyle in How to get elements inside Database cross section plane   
    *createmark elems 1 "on plane" "x y z i j k tol plane touching"
  21. tinh liked a post in a topic by llyle in Get Subcase list and it's details in hyperworks desktop   
    Hi Raj,
    You can add model using:
    poIPost_handle AddModel filename (reader_name) and set results using:
    model_handle SetResult file_name (reader_name) AddModel by default will overlay the model,. 
  22. llyle liked a post in a topic by Rahul R in Hyperview Acusolve result error   
    This is the known issue reported in HyperView 2019.1 version which should get resolved in upcoming hotfix.
    Temporary solutions are provided below :
    Download the attachment library files and replace the old ones in installation folders:
    acusolve_hv.dll acusolve_hv.so
  23. Pandurang liked a post in a topic by llyle in How to set multiple result files in Hyperview using TCL/TK   
    Hi Manjunath, 
    You can do it via:
    modelHandle AddResult $resultfileloc
  24. llyle liked a post in a topic by Mario in Multiple Load cases Expression Builder   
    This is a lot more complicated.
    You can try the following:
    Create your derived load case 1
    Switch on the needed contour (P1)
    Export model, including results (File->Export->Model) .. e.g. P1.h3d
    Create your derived load case 2
    Switch on the needed contour (P3)
    Export model, including results (File->Export->Model) .. e.g. P3.h3d
    Open expression builder
    Add resources (Open first P1.h3d, than P3.h3d)
    Select the element stresses P1 (now scalar) and insert, press Minus
    Select the element stresses P3 (now scalar) and insert
    The result is simple: S1-S2
    I can't try it at the moment, but please give me a feedback.
    Best regards,
  25. KET_2019 liked a post in a topic by llyle in How to hide these yellow nodes?   
    Shift+F2 -> clear all
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