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  1. Use SPCD for enforced disp. I think you have used spc which is not correct.
  2. Hi, Instead of rubber bellows I have used Cbush element and given stiffness to it. I want to give preload also. I have checked we cannot give preload to cbush element. CROD,CBAR,CBEAM support for giving preload. Is there any option (spring type) to give preload and stiffness to 1D element simultaneously ? Please let me know soon. Regards, Pratik
  3. Hello, I am trying to use leaf spring builder in motion view observing tutorial. I have followed each step as given in tutorial. However I am not able to create .mdl file after I hit build button. I have attached .lpf and error logs. Please find attached files and give suggestion where I am committing error. Regards, Pratik test_leaf_1.lpf 4Feb.lpf test_leaf_1.log test_leaf_1.mdl test_leaf_1_pre1.csv test_leaf_1_pre2.csv test_leaf_1_pre3.csv test_leaf_1_pre4.csv test_leaf_1_Temp.log test_leaf_1_Temp.xml
  4. I am using Hypermesh and optistruct 17.2 version. I want to get grid point reaction forces, stresses and strains at intermediate stage so that I can plot force vs time curve, stress vs time curve. I have used GPFORCE, GPSTRESS, GPSTRAIN in global output request. Format type is H3D for all. Analysis type NLSTAT with LGDISP. Please check output file attached. *** WARNING # 6328 Loadcase 1 contains a GPFORCE output request but NLOUT incremental output isn't available for that result type. Results will be output for the last increment exclusively. I have used NLOUT card and set NINT to 10. I am expecting incremental force vs time, stress vs time, strain vs time contour in Hyperview H3D format. But I am getting contour results only at last time step (i.e. load factor 1 ). Mumps solver is used by default for nonlinear analysis. Same is case for GPSTRESS and GPSTRAIN contour results. Please help me in solving this problem. 6_MAXLOAD_trail_Forcesoutput.out
  5. Hi, I am currently doing press fit analysis of silent block bush using MATHE card. I am ready with mesh and contacts. I want to give rotation as load to specific node set and want to check how rubber bush behaves and how much stresses are generated. I have tried to create cylindrical coordinate system (R, Theta, z) and assigned that system using assign option in system panel to specific nodes and given rotation in degrees. I checked in Hyper View and found it is moving in Y direction and not as per cylindrical coordinate (Theta direction). Please let me know where I am going wrong. Regards, Pratik subcase 2_wireframe mode_22.5 deg rotate.avi 7.out
  6. Ok. Here reference node is nothing but master node on which we apply COG... Right ? Does Rigid Body link act like Rbe3 here ? I doubt because length from centre of tyre to bottom nodes of leaf spring is different.
  7. Hi, I am doing suspension analysis in hypermesh and Optistruct solver . I have not used shaft during analysis. So, I want to use remote point at specified location and apply force at contact of tyre and road. I want to connect this remote point to tyre centre using RBE2 link. This tyre centre is also connected to bottom nodes of leaf spring. My doubt is how to set centre of gravity for this RBE3 link at tyre centre ? (Just like we use ICOG=3 in case of Radioss). This node of tyre centre should be fixed position. I am not sure.. I should use RBE3 or RBE2 element for this ? Suggest me.
  8. Sorry. Found out. I just need to scroll sidewards. Thanks George.
  9. I am not getting option ICOG in RBODY Manager in Hypermesh with Radioss as solver. I scrolled down but there is no ICOG option. Where it is ?
  10. Hi, I am doing suspension analysis. I have not used shaft during analysis. So, I want to use remote point at specified location and apply moment on it. I want to find out effect of that moment on suspension. In ANSYS there is option to create remote point. Similarly, is there any option to create remote point in Hyper mesh with Radioss as solver ?
  11. George, " Based on the energy plots once the system is stable we will terminate the run and thus a run time is calculated" did you mean my energy plots (Energy error, mass error) in engine output file got stable after 4 sec after I hit run ? And then you killed the process and decided run time as 4 second ?
  12. @George P Johnson : Regarding Leaf spring analysis you had solved on Radioss, I have query on relation between element time step, Run Time, minimum element length. I have seen video you had shared regarding how to calculate element time step and relation between L, E and rho. But did not understand how to calculate termination time ? My time step is very low. Why did you choose more number of animation files to be written and more RUN time ? ( How you decided 4 sec as termination time for my analysis ?? I tried lowering termination time to 2 sec but results fluctuated from original. ) Will you explain logic behind relation of (Engine file assistant parameters) minimum time step, termination time, minimum element size & number of animation files to be written to get smooth animation results without staggering effect ?
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