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  1. Narendra Singh

    Bug report 0508/2018

    Hi Shawn, Question #2: "Seems to have a lot of bugs to report." Answer: Please let us know what issues you are facing. Python windows that you see are not for debugging purpose and we do not recommend our extrusion customers to open it. Inspire Extrude does lots of automation ( geometry cleanup, automatic mesh generation, mesh clean up, BC creation, solver export) in background hence model has to adhere to CAD the guideline for extrusion.
  2. Narendra Singh

    Bug report 0508/2018

    Hi Shawn, Questions #1: "Material text seems to be editable in property editor" Answer: We do not recommend to change material from the property editor for Inspire Extrude. Thank you for reporting. We will inform this to our development team.
  3. Narendra Singh

    Problem with Solver

    "Failed License Initialization" ==> error message means either license is expired, no license , or license path not specified correctly.
  4. Narendra Singh

    How to run HX on multiple processors?

    Environment variables set to activate multiple processors vary from system to system. Following are for Linux (example shows in csh setting it to 2) setenv MKL_NPROCS 2 setenv OMP_NUM_THREADS 2 For other systems one of the below will work - so setting all is not a bad idea. OMP_NUM_THREADS MKL_NPROCS MP_SET_NUMTHREADS P_NUMBER_OF_THREADS MLIB_NUMBER_OF_THREADS Please be aware that this may not improve the speed at all, and on some cheap motherboards with fast CPU it may actually run slower. But HX always uses out-of-core solution (as the problems are large) and hence it is I/O intensive. Hence the gains will be less. It is possible to force HX to use in-core solutions. But for the kind of problems, one needs over 20 GB Ram. To force this, you should set MemoryForSolver to -1 in the .hx/.tcl file pset MemoryForSolver -1
  5. Narendra Singh

    How to control the size of H3D file?

    Some of the results in the h3d file are classified as optional results and you can stop HX from exporting them to the h3d file. Weights Every optional result comes with binary weight.The values are Strain Rate = 1 = 2^0 Grain Size = 2 = 2^1 Yield Stress = 4 = 2^2 ln(Z) = 8 = 2^3 Weld Strength = 16 = 2^4 Stress tensor = 32 = 2^5 Surface quality = 64 = 2^6 Flow Stess = 128 = 2^7 What is written? pset variable - H3DSaveOptionalResults controls what is written in H3D file. Value of the variable is sum of values of what results you want to write. For example if value for H3DSaveOptionalResults is 127. Then, following results will be written in H3D file, Strain Rate +Grain Size +Yield Stress + ln(Z) + Weld Strength + Stress tensor +Surface quality = 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 = 127 This command is written as pset H3DSaveOptionalResults 127 Example Let us say you want write only strain rate and ln(Z) then the value is Strain Rate + ln(Z) = 1 + 8 = 9 pset H3DSaveOptionalResults 9
  6. Yes, HyperXtrude 11.0 can model influence of glass pad thickness during extrusion. Glass pads are used to reduce friction during extrusion of steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. During extrusion the glass pad melts and forms a coating profiles as it exits the die. The solver tracks the interface between the billet and glass pad and uses properties based on weighted average of billet and glass material for elements with partial glass pad.
  7. Narendra Singh

    How should I specify the billet axial taper?

    Value of the billet preheat should the value of the billet temperature at the Billet-Die end. For example, if the billet preheat is 500 and billet axial taper is 70, then initial billet temperature will be 430 °C at the dummy block end and 500 °C at the die end.
  8. Narendra Singh

    How to track surface impurities during extrusion?

    HyperXtrude tutorial number HX-0303 explains the steps involved in simulating the migration of billet skin during extrusion. Tips: Define a skin - 2 to 3 layers of elements on the billet outer surface. These skin elements must be stored in a separate component (say Billet_Skin_3D). The thickness of this skin layer should not be more than 3 mm. These elements represent layer with surface impurities. In the TCL file, Set analysis type to TransientMovingBoundary Define skin component (SetBilletSkin Sin3D) Activite skin tracking flag (pset BilletSkinTracking on) Define SolidFluidInterface condition at the back end of the billet (where the ram/dummy block touches billet). Specify velocity condition in the extrusion direction and zero traction for others. Specify smaller time steps at the beginning of extrusion cycle. Set NonLinearTolerance to 0.005 to reduce CPU time. Movement of billet skin interface is stored in H3D file.
  9. Narendra Singh

    grain size modelling

    This information is available in Grain Size advanced training manual.
  10. You will need geometry for tool pin and plate. Please mesh it manually and refine mesh as you need. Boundary condition should be as in the tutorial example.
  11. Narendra Singh

    Error during Analysis

    Already answer in
  12. Narendra Singh

    Error during Analysis

    Looks like repeated question. Please check .out file for more information. This is available in working folder.
  13. Narendra Singh

    Error during Analysis

    Please check in *.out file. Last few lines in that file will tell what is happening simulation. Also we recommend to first try model in tutorial model that is available in Help.
  14. There few ways to do it, 1. plot velocity vector 2. use particle trace and animate particles through die
  15. Narendra Singh

    Extrusion simulation result-files for tool deflection

    Few questions before i answer your questions, 1. Are you following tutorial examples? this is supplied with help manual. Follow steps in tool deflection tutorial. 2. Are you using Click2Extrude? If not then please use this. Lots of steps are automated.