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  1. Hi, Can we measure the moment of inertia of my model in Hypermesh or Hypercrash and, of course, from a local coordinate system? Because I know the MASS tool in Hypercrash, but it is measuring from the global system. I want to measure it from a local system of coordinates. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm using Law 38 for a model using a foam specimen (see image1), an impactor and a anvil. I try to model the unloading of that foam block. I tried 2 methods following Altair helps: 1- I use a single unloading curve (see image2). It's working but, the calculation time is very high compared to the model without a unloading curve 2- I use the same unloading curve but I use it like a quasistatic curve using strain rate at 0 and the next curve at 0.0001 (see image3). I also put K_R parameter to 1. Calculation time is almost infinite, so not an option. What I'm a doing wrong, or what should I do to make it work. Here's the attached model too. Thanks! JM EPP33_A7_30_iso25_0000.rad EPP33_A7_30_iso25_0001.rad
  3. Hi. Is there a way in Hypergraph to change the Units Profile by default? Everytime I open a T01 file, I have to manually select the correct units (mm, ms, g for my case) in the column D in the picture bellow. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I was wondering why Rigid bodies are all regrouped together when passing from Hypercrash to Hypermesh. For exemple, my model in Hypermesh has multiple Rigid bodies. But, when I export it in Hypercrash and import it back to Hypermesh, all Rigid Bodies are identifies as one component in the model browser (in the Rbody Manager, they are kept separated of course). I like to work with both softwares, but I would like to keep the Rigid bodies separated all the time. Is there a way? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks! JM
  5. I shared the files in the secured folder. The problem is kind of solved, since I can now export it with Hypermesh if I import and export with Hypercrash before.
  6. I can't share it directly here. I know administrators have a secured file deposit. I'm waiting for their response.
  7. I'm using Hypermesh version 14.0.130, and the model is supposed to have been created in version 12.0.224. It's the Hybrid III 50e percentile version 8.0.5 model made by Altair. I don't think that I can share it here, but maybe in a secured folder. And yes, my user profile is define as Radioss (Block 140). Can somebody help? JM
  8. Hi, I'm trying to export a file to .rad format, but I get this message «Unable to export model file», and the message at the bottom-left corner in Hypermesh is «Invalid pointer requested». What can I do to export it? I can save it as .hm though. Thanks JM
  9. Hi thanks for your response, I'll try it, but for tetrahedron, can we use Isolid=1, Ismstr=1, Iframe=1 and IHKT=1 (I don't find that one) like the mentionned post suggested? Thanks! JM
  10. Hello, I modeled foam with tetrahedral elements and wondered what property should I use? In fact, I understand it's isolid, but what options should I add? It works, but I have hourglass problems I think. It's foam under impact. Thanks! JM
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