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  1. Hi, I'm new to hypermesh and I have a simple question. Can I stop a component (impactor in my case) that was lauched by an initial velocity. I really need to keep the initial velocity. The problem is that the impactor is a rigidbody. I don't want to use another component which would be deformable to stop the impactor. I just want to stop it at a certain distance from its original position. I'm looking in the BCs, but I don't find anything that suits me. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm new to hypermesh and I have a simple question for you guys. Can we use a spring element to act like a real coil spring? In fact, I got an impactor hitting a dummy and in the real experiment, the impactor is stopped at a certain distance from it's initial position by a coil spring. I wanted to use a imposed displacement, but I need to keep the initial velocity to allow the impactor to slow down by transferring its energy to the dummy. So, I thought that maybe I can stop the impactor (which is rigidbody) by a spring element like it is in real experiment. Can I do that? Or is there something else I could do? So far, I wasn't able to use the spring correctly. Thank you very much!
  3. Oh ok the dummy is not supposed to move before the actual impact (hit by an impactor) but i'll take a look! Thanks!
  4. Hi everybody, I have a problem while I'm using a time history node to obtain the agular velocity at a specific area in my model. The problem is that in hypergraph, the Y-Intercept (at time = 0) is not equal to zero as it should be. In fact, my model is a simple impact and at time = 0, the impact has not started yet, but my agular velocities in every plane is not equal to zero (1.57143). is it a filter that I need to use? or something like that? Thank you! CompletT01
  5. Hi, I'm trying to use initial stresses in my second simulation using *.sta file, but when I follow these instructions (see attached word file), it's not working. When I delete the nodes in the 0000.rad file that are duplicated in the *.sta file, it's not working. And when i don't delete them, I got a message saying that nodes are duplicated. These are my files. In these, I didn't delete the nodes (part: liners). Note: I use 0005.sta using # include modele_repos_v6_0005.sta in the 0000.rad Thanks! JM
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