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  1. Is there a timeline when ProMan will be able to support propagation modelling at lower THz bands (at least across the 80 - 330 GHz range)?
  2. How can you include geographical features (e.g. roads, lakes, rivers, administrative boundaries etc.) in addition to buildings in an urban scenario.
  3. In the outdoor urban scenario is it possible to extract the maximum building height (height of building plus height of ground above sea level) in each pixel. To illustrate this question, please see the attached ppt slide. How can we find out the values a,b,c,d,e...etc for each pixel (in place where there is no building we have height of ground above sea level). Building_height.pptx
  4. What is the most effective way for separating results for indoor and outdoor pixels in Urban scenarios (with large number of urban buildings)?
  5. We would like to model building penetration loss at millimeter wave bands (currently we work at 28 GHz), with tolerable accuracy. We have in the past worked mostly with sub-6GHz bands. We consider various building materials include brick, concrete, wood and glass. Can you please provide guidance on how to account for this in ProMan and/or WallMan.
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