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  1. Hello, I'm trying to convert an I beam composite model after a freesize optimization to radioss to evaluate some failure criterions that doesn't have on optistruct like puck or hashin I'm having the error on the image. Some suggestions ? Thanks !!
  2. Great ! With this tutorial i could solve my problem of stress concentration. Do you have something about modeling adeshive or giving at least a max shear ratio between two composite board ? I'm working on a composite optimization of an I beam for a 3 point bending test, and the I beam is made of 3 plates of composite, glued. I would like to evaluated who will fail first, the composite or the glue Thanks !
  3. Hello, I'm trying to run a 3 point bend test. The supports doesn't matter, if possible i would like to make it rigid, but to avoid stress concentration in a point i need to model this contact between the support and the I beam. How can i do this, or find some tutorial more focused ? Thanks !
  4. Hello, I've built a composite I beam and optimatized the thickness plys only, but, I would like to get the best height for the beam web. At the moment i'm doing this manually, comparing the results of the composite optimization for differents heights, but for each height, at this moment, i have to build all the laminate again, from zero. How can i automatized this process? or at least do it in a smart way. It's possible to do a shape optimization for composites to get the best web height without it buckling or failure? more info about the simulation: In the optimization process, for the free size stage: obj :min compliance constrains: vfrac 0.3 for the size stage: obj: min mass constrains: -buckling modes 1, 2 and 3 λ >1 -max displacement of the node on the center of the beam < 12mm -Tsai Hill failure criteria < 1 The files are attached Thanks: Lucas Pereira cat_A_optimization_freesize.hm cat_A_optimization_size.hm
  5. In a free size optimization, i always get from a ply, 4 different ply shapes, How can i change this number?
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