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  1. hello bro, Do you know SIMP Method ? or you have file pdf about it, do you share for me? thanks bro.
  2. hi Prakash, What is weight factors ?
  3. Hi Q.Nguyen I see it but I don't understand mean, Do you can describe with image for me ?
  4. Hi bro! I have a possible when I study about RBE3. In subpanel, it has switch " calculate node" and " weight". I read help but i don't understand it, so Do you can please explain ? ( Do you can describe it with image for me ? ) thanks you
  5. Hi George, I take material and property for compernent the same as video. tank_sloshing_0000.out tank_sloshing_0000.rad
  6. Hi bro, I have a little trouble with "tank sloshing calculation". I use up SPH method but the problem exists with this file I unable to find any reason behind it. Please suggest to me ! thanks
  7. Hi guys, Radioss program was ran about 1 hour but it don't show error or result. It only show "running radioss block " but in task manager Hypermesh deactivate. Please help me, Do you can consider trouble that I made wrong ? thanks!
  8. Hi bro, file was attached a little mistake and i think inch, pound compare mm, kg only is approximation.
  9. Hi bro, thank you for help me, I have one more question about " define card control for Explame 06 Radioss ". What is IOFlagCard ? Why do they select IPRI is 5 and OUTYY is 2 ?
  10. Hi, I am performing on sloshing inside a deformable fuel tank. Do I have to define an interface between water and tank ? If yes, Do you please suggest card image for step " create > set " ? When I would create "contact" for water and tank, I should select card Image is " Type 18" or " Type 1" ? and there is any difference in final output ? Thanks.
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