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  1. Thanks for your help Prakash. Apparently the problem caused because the files was located inside directories which was inside "Program Files" directory. And it was on "Read only".... In order to run the analysis/optimization it should not be inside "Read only" directories. =]
  2. Unfortunately no. I tried to reinstall the software and it didn't work.
  3. Yeah sure. The comp.hm model is the first model which made the problem (the reason i opened this thread). 02_analysis _complete.hm is the other one. I downloaded this model without changing it at all. Thanks. 02_analysis_complete.hm comp.hm
  4. Hi Prakash Thanks for your answer =] I saved the file name as you suggested and still i`ve the same problem. I tried to do another tutorial (Composited Monocoque optimization) and it did the same thing when i tried to run the analysis. i`m also using HW2017. Thanks.
  5. Hi all; I`m doing the combination tutorial (last one) from the list in the link http://www.altairhyperworks.in/edu/contest/aoc/2013/tutorials-and-downloads.html#.WeHKJGiCxPY and at step 9 when i`m trying to start the optimization nothing happening (at the down-left corner something running but it stops on "Ready"). This is the first run i`m trying to do using a new computer i bought... Maybe it`s related to that... Thanks;
  6. Hello all. I imported geometry from another CAD software (1 component) and i would like to do Topology Optimisation on it. In order to do that i need to define design component and non-design component. How do i mesh 2 different grids from the same component? Thanks.
  7. I`m a new HW user so i dont know how to do that yet... Do you have any guide you can share? Thanks.
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